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Can I play GTA 5 without a graphics card? Yes or not?

Actually, you can’t run GTA 5 Without a Graphics card, GTA 5 needs a dedicated graphics card or Integrated Graphics Card for running the game on PC. To play with full smoothness, you need a dedicated graphics card on your PC or laptop. Nowadays, the most popular dedicated graphics cards are of this company – Nvidia and AMD. You can also run GTA 5 game on an Integrated Graphics Card (For example – Intel Graphics Card) but with little lag/lower FPS.

Generally, there are two types of Graphics cards –

Example of integrated graphics card – Intel Graphics.

Examples of dedicated graphics cards – Nvidia or AMD graphics cards.

If you don’t have a graphics card of Nvidia or AMD on your PC, then it does not mean that you don’t have any graphics card on your PC or laptop, Even after the absence of an Nvidia or AMD graphics card, an integrated graphics card is present in your PC. The most popular Integrated Graphics Brand name is – Intel Graphics.

GTA 5 also runs on an Intel Graphics card but runs with little lags. This means Intel graphics (integrated graphics cards) are not very powerful as compared to dedicated graphics cards. So, You need a dedicated Graphics card in order to play GTA 5 with full smoothness without lag, Most popular graphics card Company names – are Nvidia and AMD.

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If you don’t have a dedicated graphics card on your PC, then You need an external dedicated Graphics card to play GTA 5 with full smoothness. With a dedicated graphics card, other good specifications of your PC are also required, so that, adding of external graphics card will be more successful.

If you have a desktop or laptop, then you can Add external Graphics but it is a very lengthy process and not an easy process. The best way is – Buy a new desktop or laptop that has a good specification for playing GTA 5.

Specifications of a new laptop like – how much is RAM inside the PC, what is the processor of the PC, Which dedicated Graphics card in it, or how much graphics card in it.

Here we talking about the graphics cards only, so, Purchase a PC that has At least 1 GB Graphics card of Nvidia or AMD & any better Processor as well like intel i3,intel i5,i7, etc. If you want to run GTA 5 with full smoothness, I will suggest for Nvidia Graphics card. Must take proper knowledge of computer/laptop specifications before purchasing a PC, Must know, which series of Nvidia Graphics is best for gaming – you can check on youtube. After that, Select your lovely PC.

Note: Don’t buy any laptop or PC without knowing the detailed information about that particular dedicated graphics card that comes with the laptop or computer. There are varieties of PC available in the market and each and every laptop/desktop comes with varieties of specifications, and Without checking their specification, it is not an easy process to tell which computer is best suitable for GTA 5 or not. Also, I can’t explain everything here, So, before purchasing a PC, Must watch and get information about that laptop or desktop from youtube or from anywhere.

Gameplay With Intel Graphics ( Integrated Graphics Card)

Gameplay with Nvidia Graphics card ( Dedicated Graphics Card)

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