Can I play GTA San Andreas without a graphics card?

Can I play GTA San Andreas without graphics card

No, you can’t run GTA San Andreas definitive edition Without a Graphics card, But Maybe you don’t know, Generally, there are two types of Graphics cards, one is an integrated graphics card and the second is a dedicated graphics card.

Example of integrated graphics cardIntel HD Graphics.

Example of dedicated graphics cardNvidia or AMD graphics card.

Note: Every computer comes with an integrated graphics card.

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if you are saying – can I play GTA San Andreas definitive edition without a graphics card, it means you are saying – can I play GTA San Andreas game with Intel graphics or with the integrated graphics card.

Now my answer is – Yes, you can Play GTA san Andreas With an integrated Graphics card, but you have to lower the overall graphics settings of the game for smoothness (better FPS). But for the full smoothness of the game, you have to buy that PC or laptop that also comes with a dedicated graphics card.

Gameplay With Intel Graphics ( Integrated Graphics Card)

Gameplay with Nvidia Graphics card ( Dedicated Graphics Card)

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