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GTA 3 definitive edition – (100% PC Save Game) Here

GTA 3 definitive edition 100% PC Save Game file is here. About every gamer doesn’t want to play missions of GTA 3 definitive edition if they are playing for the first time. At that moment, only they want to roam inside the game and search for something and they want to do fun and nothing more. So, if you want to get everything unlocked in the GTA 3 definitive edition game, and if you want to see everything unlocked in the game without doing any mission then only you have to paste our 100% savefile of GTA 3 definitive edition in your GTA 3 savegame location.

We also know, the old GTA 3 savegame doesn’t work in GTA 3 definitive edition, so if you have an old GTA 3 then this 100% savegame will not work in the old GTA 3 game, it only works in GTA 3 definitive edition.

Why you want to get 100% savegame of GTA 3 definitive edition

  • For getting everything unlocked in the game.
  • For Completing all missions without playing any missions.
  • After putting this 100% savegame file ,Game progress 100 % get completed.
GTA 3 definitive edition 100% PC Save Game stats

How and Where you need to put 100% savefile

  1. Download 100% savegame file – Click here
  2. Download and install WinRAR Software.
  3. Right click on – SaveGames.rar & Click on – Extract here.
  4. Copy SaveGames folder and then go to this location in your own PC – C:\Users\Yourusername\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA III Definitive Edition.
  5. After coming to this folder – GTA III Definitive Edition.
  6. Paste the folder here.
  7. Now run the game, click on game, then click on load game ,then click on THE EXCHANGE and then click on Confirm.
  8. After, the game loaded successfully , you can see , every missions got completed and everythings is now open in the game.

Note: before putting our savegame, must take a backup(copy old savegame to a safe location) of your already existing savegame file.

File info

File Name: Savegame.rar

File size: 67.1 KB

Status of Savegame: 100% Game completed

<strong>Download 100% Save file</strong>

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