GTA 3 definitive edition size – For PC, Xbox, PlayStation, etc

GTA 3 definitive edition size - For PC, Xbox, PlayStation, etc

GTA 3 definitive edition size is more than the older version of the GTA 3 game. GTA 3 Size for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch are given below, check it. The size which I have given below, all are download size or after install size.

Note: These all given sizes are not exact, it may differ from time to time.

GTA 3 definitive edition size

GTA 3 Size for PC: About 5 GB

GTA 3 Size for Xbox: About 8 GB

GTA 3 Size for Playstation: About 5.8 GB

GTA 3 Size for Nintendo Switch: About 2.2 GB

We can’t deny the fact that the Latest GTA 3 is better than the old version of the GTA 3 game, From Graphics to controls, all are now better than the older one. Due to which sizes of this game increased. Now younger gamers can enjoy more. On PC, The New GTA 3 game requires a good PC in order to play GTA 3 full smooth, you can also play this game on a low-end PC, but it may run with little lag if you will not do setting for low-end pc.

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If you want to download GTA 3, then you have to buy GTA 3, here is the link for buying GTA 3 – BUY GTA Trilogy You can’t buy a single game, you have to buy the GTA trilogy by paying 66 $ or 4,994 Rupees in Indian rupees. (GTA trilogy means a bundle of three games – GTA vice city, GTA San Andreas, and GTA 3). But after buying the game, you can download a single GTA 3 game or you can download GTA San Andreas and GTA vice city also. It is totally up to you what you want to download after buying GTA Trilogy.

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