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GTA 3 definitive edition vs original /old – Graphics Comparison

GTA 3 definitive edition vs original: Definitely, without any doubt, GTA 3 definition edition Graphics is 10X better than the old GTA 3 (original). You can see the real comparison between the definitive edition or original GTA 3, a video is provided below, just click on it and see.

GTA 3 Definitive edition Real Game size

GTA 3 definitive edition comes with HD graphics which you can see also, From Car light to Rain and from the look of People to Cloud, everything now comes with a Better realistic look.

You can change graphics settings in GTA 3 definitive edition but you can’t do more in the old GTA 3. This means, you can do settings according to your Platform, so in this way, you can also play on the low types of devices. In old GTA 3, only some settings are available.

Old GTA 3 is darker even in the daytime also, but in the new definitive edition, contrast is more and good, everything looks clear and good.

Overall, Old GTA 3 looks, totally unrealistic, but now after the entry of the GTA 3 definitive edition, it is now looking more realistic, and it is now playable for the new gamers.

What new feature came which We Like most

  • You can also use a mouse for moving camera view while driving a vehicle like GTA San Andreas which you will not see in the original old GTA 3. This feature is very useful if you play this type of open-world game.
  • You can see Map and you can also see your location on the map. This feature is not in the old one except mobile version of GTA 3.

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