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GTA 3 PC Game Download & Install size

Original/old GTA 3 PC Game Download and Install Size is near about – 600- 700 MB and the Download and Install Size of the Latest GTA 3 definitive edition PC is near about = 5 GB.

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The latest version of GTA 3 ( GTA 3 definitive edition ) you can buy & download for PC digitally from the following stores —

  • RockstarGames Official Site
  • Epic Games Store
  • Steampowered Store

Note: If you want to buy only GTA 3, then it is not possible. You can’t buy a single GTA 3 definitive edition game, You have to Purchase – GTA trilogy definitive edition. GTA trilogy includes – a pack of 3 games – GTA 3 definitive edition, GTA Vice City definitive edition, and GTA San Andreas definitive edition.

I will recommend – Purchase from Epic Games Store or Steampowered Store because as compared to the official site of rockstargames, the price is lower in these two stores.


Q. how many GB is gta 3 PC?

The latest version of GTA 3 – GTA 3 Defintivive Edition has a size of about – 5GB.

Q. How much space is required before installing the game on my PC?

Keep at least 10GB of free space in your disk where you want to install the game.

Q. Where can I legally download GTA 3 for PC?

you can legally buy & download digitally from authorised vendors or stores like – Steampowered, Epic Games, Rockstar Games official store, etc. Avoid Buying or Downloading pirated copies of the game.

Q. Is the old GTA 3 / Original version still available for purchase and download for PC?

No, Replaced with the new version of the game, that is – GTA 3 Definitive Edition. if you already purchased GTA 3 before the release of the new version, Just update the game, and get the latest version of this game for free.

Q. What is the name of the latest version of GTA 3?

GTA 3 definitive edition.

Q. Why Size of GTA 3 increased after the launch of the latest version of GTA 3?

Because of improved graphics, and improved features in the game. Now the game looks more realistic.

Q. What is the size of the Compressed version of GTA 3?

The compressed version of GTA 3 is the pirated version (illegal) of the game, which comes with viruses, and malware that can create issues. Never download such files from the internet. Buy & download from reputed stores only.

Q. How to buy the original copy of the GTA 3 definitive edition for PC online?

First, select the store from which you want to buy the game, I have given you the list in the upper part of this page, Create an account in the store, buy the game, sign in to the store, download the game file from the list of 3 games, once downloaded, play the game.

Q. After buying from the online Store, how to play the GTA 3 game on my PC?

Once you buy the game from the online store, note & keep your email ID and password of the store from which you have bought the game. Sign in with your email or password. Download the file of GTA 3 on your PC, You don’t need to put serial key or product key or such like things. Once you downloaded the game, click on Play to start the game. It’s a very easy process if you have bought GTA 3 from the digital store.

Q. If I am going to buy the GTA trilogy definitive edition game from the online stores, then will I get GTA San Andreas and GTA Vice City with GTA 3?

Yes, because the GTA trilogy definitive edition comes with a Pack of 3 games.

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