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GTA 5 Car Cheats PC – All available car cheats are here

There are varieties of cars available in the GTA 5 game, but only some cheats are available for some cars, All those available car cheats for PC are listed below.

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Note: don’t use any type of cheats in GTA 5 online, otherwise, your account will get banned, only use in story mode/offline mode.

How to Activate cheats

Open GTA 5 game, Press ~ button on the keyboard , then type cheats and hit enter to activate the cheat.

All Available GTA 5 PC Car Cheats

Comet Car

GTA 5 - Comet Car
  • Cheat Code COMET
  • Cheat Function: Spawn a Comet sports car

RapidGT Car

GTA 5 - Rapid GT Car
  • Cheat Code RAPIDGT
  • Cheat Function: Spawn a RAPIDGT sports car

Limousine Car

GTA 5 limousine Car
  • Cheat Code VINEWOOD
  • Cheat Function: Spawn a limousine car

Make Every Car Slippery

Make Every Car Slippery in GTA 5
  • Cheat Code SNOWDAY
  • Cheat Function: After activating the car start to slip when you drive.

Make it Low Gravity

  • Cheat Code FLOATER
  • Cheat Function: After activating, low gravity applies on your car like on the moon.


Cheat Code Cheat name
COMET: Spawn a Comet Sports car
SNOWDAY: car start to slip
FLOATER: Low gravity
RAPIDGT: Spawn a Rapid GT sports car
VINEWOOD: Spawn a limousine car

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