GTA 5 Car Cheats PC

GTA 5 Car Cheats PC

All available PC GTA 5 Car Cheats for spawn along with all related car cheats are given below, you can use these cheats in GTA 5 PC game.

There are many cars in the GTA 5 but don’t have a cheat for spawning every car, but some cheats for spawning cars are available for use, all those cars’ cheat codes are provided below. Apart from this, all related cheat for cars are also given, you can use if you need.

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GTA 5 Car Cheats PC

Cheat Code Cheat name
COMET: Spawn a sports car
SNOWDAY: Ensure traffic chaos thanks to slippery cars
FLOATER: Enter this cheat and get inside a vehicle to activate low gravity
RAPIDGT: Spawn a different sports car
VINEWOOD: Spawn a limousine

Note: don’t use any type of cheats in GTA 5 online, otherwise, your account will get banned, only use in story mode/offline mode.

How to Activate these cheats

Open GTA 5 game, Press ~ button on the keyboard , then type cheats and hit enter to activate the cheat.

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