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GTA 5 epic games size – Latest size

The latest GTA 5 Epic Games store download and installed size is about 108 GB. Data updated on – 13/05/2023. Using Epic Games software, you can easily download the full GTA 5 game on PC at full speed.

GTA 5 epic games
GTA 5 PC - Epic game Size


Q: What is the Epic Games store?

It is an online store of games where you can purchase the game files digitally and start playing them on your PC without any issues. There is no need to purchase offline discs; that is the old method of distributing game files.

Q. How do I buy a GTA 5 game from the Epic Games Store?

It is very simple. search on Google: Epic Games GTA 5. Open the first link. Click on Buy. Signup. pay money. Get the game. Install the game. Play the game.

Q: How many GB is GTA 5 on epic games?

Up to this date, 2/10/2023, size of the GTA 5 game is about 109 GB. However, game sizes can fluctuate over time as a result of updates, patches, and the addition of new material. We will update the data here when the size of GTA 5 changes.

Q: Why is GTA 5 on Epic Games so large in size?

GTA 5 is a big game because it has a big open-world game with detailed graphics, textures, and a lot of in-game items. Furthermore, continuous updates and fresh feature additions have contributed to the game’s growth over time.

Q: How can I check the current size of GTA 5 on the Epic Games Store?

1. Open the Epic Games Store.
2. Go to the library.
3. Move your mouse cursor on the GTA 5 image and click on the 3 dots.
4. Once you click on it, look at Uninstall; there is written the size of GTA 5.

Q: How much free storage space do I need to download and install GTA 5 from the Epic Games Store?

120GB is enough free space for installing the game without any problems, but you must keep extra space except game space on the disk for the proper functioning of your other works as well as gaming.

Q: Can I move the game to a different storage drive after installation to free up space?

Yes, directly, there are no settings in the Epic Games Store once installed in any location, but you can change the location of the GTA 5 game file without redownloading the full game.
The method is:
1. Go to the place where you installed GTA 5.
2. Copy the GTAV folder. Go to another location and paste there.
3. Uninstall the game from the Epic Games Store.
4. Come to Epic Games Store, Reinstall GTA 5 and install GTA 5 in the new location where you want; download the game up to 100 MB; and pause the downloading.
5. Copy all the files of GTA 5.
6. Go there where your new game file is downloading and paste the files in the new location.
7. Come to Epic Games Store, click on 3 dot of GTA 5, click on manage , then click on Verify to verify the game
8. Wait for some time.
9. Once the game is verified, you can play the game.

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