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GTA San Andreas All PC Cheats – for Original & Definitive edition

All cheats of GTA san Andreas PC original & Definitive edition are listed below, after seeing the list, you can also download a pdf file of it.

How to Activate & Deactivate the cheat on PC

  • Type Cheat codes on the keyboard, after typing the correct cheat, a notification appears on the left-up side of the screen.
  • Re-enter the same cheat code to deactivate it. ( Note: only limited cheats can be deactivated once activated.)

GTA San Andreas PC full list of cheat codes

All cheat codes are given for both Original GTA San Andreas & GTA San Andreas definitive edition. Cheat codes which not work on the original GTA San Andreas are mentioned beside the cheat, And all those cheats which are not work in GTA San Andreas definitive edition are also mentioned besides the cheat.

GET PDF File of all these cheats

Note: Don’t use cheat in your Main savegame file. Otherwise, achievements & Trophies get disabled once you used any cheat in the definitive edition. You can use cheat in another save game.


Cheat Name Cheat Code
Get a JetpackROCKETMAN
Get a parachuteAIYPWZQP
spawn Hunter attach helicopterOHDUDE
Spawn a Hydra attack PlaneJUMPJET
To spawn Monster truckMONSTERMASH
Spawn a Stretch longest carCELEBRITYSTATUS
Spawn a Rancher SUVJQNTDMH
Get a Rhino TankIWPRTON
Spawn hotring racer Car – Type 1VROCKPOKEY
Spawn Hotring Racer car – Type 2VPJTQWV 
Get a Trashmaster garbage truck.TRUEGRIME
Spawn a Caddy golf cartRZHSUEW
Spawn Vortex Hovercraft boatKGGGDKP
Get a Bloodring Banger CarOLDSPEEDDEMON
Spawn Dozer bulldozerITSALLBULL
Spawn Tanker Truck with a tanker trailerAMOMHRER


Weapon Set 1LXGIWYL
Weapon Set 3UZUMYMW
Infinite Ammo, No ReloadingFULLCLIP
(Semi)Unlimited Health ( Not fully unlimited health) ( not work in the Definitive Edition)BAGUVIX
Infinite Lung Capacity – ( Remain underwater for infinite hours. CVWKXAM
CJ Never Hungry – ( Not work in Definitive Edition)IAMNEVERHUNGRY
Full Health, Full Armor, Get $250k & Repairs carHESOYAM
Infinite OxygenCVWKXAM
Clear Wanted Level – ( Remove Police)TURNDOWNTHEHEAT
Increase Wanted Level +2 – (Add police)TURNUPTHEHEAT
Lock Wanted LevelAEZAKMI
Six Star Wanted Level ( Get instant 6 stars)BRINGITON
Big Head Mode ( extra large head of every person.) – Work only in the definitive edition, it is a newly launched cheat.EXPANDDOME
Super Punch IAVENJQ
Skinny Body of CjKVGYZQK
Hitman ( Get a level of Hitman, so that you can take any weapons)NCSGDAG
Muscular BodyJYSDSOD
Maximum Respect ( all people respect you (CJ)OGXSDAG
Maximum Sex Appeal ( Everyone is attracted to CJ)EHIBXQS
Maximum Vehicle Skill Stats ( Expert in driving, flying, etc stats.)VQIMAHA
Suicide ( CJ instant die.) – Not work properly if unlimited health cheat is already activated.SZCMAWO


Traffic lights Always green.DONTTRYANDSTOPME 
Drive Car on WaterGKPNMQ for original version, DRIVEONWATER for Definitive edition
Destroy All CarsCPKTNWT 
Flying BoatsAFSNMSMW 
Flying Cars – (not work in the Definitive Edition)RIPAZHA 
Low Traffic ( Low traffic with no pedestrians on the street)GHOSTTOWN
Other Cars Float Away When you Hit BSXSGGC 
Make your car Invincible – ( no effect on your car on hitting, even other cars get destroyed or get blasted once anyone touched your car.TOUCHMYCARYOUDIE 
Improve vehicle HandlingPGGOMOY 
Free Aim in Cars ( freely aim with your weapon from the car) – does not work in the Definitive Edition.OUIQDMW 
Make Invisible Cars ( only all cars of the world become invisible. only wheels will appear) – Not work in the definitive editionXICWMD 
Cars Have Nitrous Oxide SystemsCOXEFGU 
Taxis Have Nitrous and Hydraulics: ( All taxies get the nitro system and the taxi will jump when you push the horn button)VKYPQCF for original version and TAXINITRO for definitive edition
Bike Super Jump JHJOECW
Make all traffic Cars Black colorIOWDLAC
Make all traffic Cars in Pink colorLLQPFBN
Increase all Car speedLPNQMAS
Blast other cars on touchingJCNRUAD
All Traffic Vehicles are Junk Cars:EVERYONEISPOOR
Turn all vehicles into farming vehicles ( NPCs wear rural clothing CJ wear country clothing) – not work in the Definitive Edition.FVTMNBZ 
Turn All Traffic Vehicles into Sports CarsGUSNHDE 
Beach Party Mode (All cars are transformed into beach cars, pedestrians are clothed in bikinis, and CJ is dressed in beach clothes.)CIKGCGX 
Aggressive Drivers / TrafficYLTEICZ 


Slow Motion GameSLOWITDOWN
Reduced TrafficGHOSTTOWN
Recruit Anyone
Women Talk to you & in definitive edition Cj also wear a different dressBEKKNQV 
Prostitutes Pay You:only work in Definitive EditionDOTHEPIMPCHEAT


Only gangs in Streets ( no citizens or police in the streets) BIFBUZZ 
Fast Gang Member Spawns ( replaced gang members with Pedestrians) – Not work in the Definitive Edition.MROEMZH 
Yakuza ThemeAFPHULTL 
Carnival Theme ( Pedestrians turn into fast food workers & Jocker, CJ is dressed as a Jocker, and all traffic vehicles are one of the following: Pizza Boy, BF Injection, Hotknife, Tug, Quad, and Hotdog. Furthermore, all four-wheeled vehicles get hydraulics.)PRIEBJ 
Recruit Anyone -Type 1 ( they will be armed with a 9mm pistol.)ROCKETMAYHEM
Recruit Anyone as a gang member ( armed with a rocket launcher) – not work in the Definitive Edition.SSOXFSQ 
Elvis mode ( All pedestrians are Elvis)ASBHGRB 
Katanas theme ( all street members take katanas, CJ is also armed with this & you will see more numbers of back cars. NINJATOWN
No Pedestrians and Low TrafficTHGLOJ 
Pedestrian RiotIOJUFZN 
Pedestrians are with WeaponsFOOOXFT 
Pedestrian Attack Type 1 (Pedestrians attack you, armed with rocket launchers)BAGOWPG 
Pedestrian Attack Type 2 (Pedestrians attack you, armed with guns.)BGLUAWML 
Pedestrians fight each other.AJLOJYQY 


Time Pass Faster (Faster Clock)YSOHNUL
Slow down time ( Not work in the Definitive Edition)ANOSEONGLASS
Orange Sky ( lock time at 9 pm in the game.)OFVIAC
Rainy WeatherAUIFRVQS
Foggy WeatherCFVFGMJ
Sunny Weather – ( When you enter this cheat in the definitive edition, then you are activating cheat for Always Midnight)MGHXYR
Very Sunny WeatherTOODAMNHOT
Always Midnight – (Time locked at midnight) NIGHTPROWLER for original version, MGHXYR for Definitive edition
Overcast WeatherALNSFMZO

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How many cheats are not working in GTA san Andreas definitive edition PC?

Answer – There are many cheats – the list is – CJ Never Becomes Hungry, unlimited Health, Make Invisible Cars, Flying Cars, Free Aim in Cars, Turn all vehicles into farming vehicles, Fast Gang Member Spawn, Recruit Anyone as a gang member, Slow down time.

Q.Using cheat in GTA san andreas PC will disable achievements & Trophies?

Answer – Yes. You can use cheat in another savegame, don’t use in your main savegame.

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