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GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition: How to buy & download, Price, Size, etc

GTA trilogy Definitive Edition meansGTA San Andreas, GTA vice city, and GTA 3. The bundle of these 3 games is called the GTA trilogy. Recently rockstar company released the GTA trilogy, Before the release of the GTA trilogy, Indivisible games were sold in the market, but now If you want to buy only a single game from these 3 games, then it is not possible, you have to buy GTA trilogy. Means you can’t buy a single game.

GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition

Price, buying links, guide, size, etc all are given below

GTA Triology Price

  • PC -About $59.99 / £54.99 / ₹4,994.99
  • PlayStation  -About $59.99/£54.99/₹3,999
  • Xbox -About $59.99/£54.99/₹3,999
  • Nintendo Switch – About $59.99/£54.99/₹3,999

Buying Link for All Platforms

Game Size

Note: All these are download size

  • PlayStation  – 39.01 GB (About 22.6 GB for GTA San Andreas , About 10.7 GB for GTA Vice City, About 5.8 GB for GTA 3)
  • Xbox  – 49 GB (About 27 GB for GTA San Andreas, About 14 GB for GTA Vice City & 8 GB for GTA 3)
  • PC – 45 GB ( About 20 GB for GTA san Andreas, About 10 GB for GTA vice city & About 4.6 GB for GTA 3 )
  • Nintendo Switch – (10.8 GB for GTA San Andreas, 6.5 GB for GTA Vice City, 2.2 GB for GTA 3)

Data Last Updated on – 17/01/2022

However, GTA Trilogy total size is about 39.01 GB on PlayStation consoles at launch but after a recent update for PlayStation, the size has increased by over 2 GB (About 1.1 GB for San Andreas, About 900 MB for Vice City, About 300 MB for GTA 3 ).

Process to Buy & Download GTA trilogy

  • Buying link for buying GTA Trilogy ( GTA san Andreas, GTA Vice City, GTA 3) is provided in the upper section.
  • Click on the link & After select & select any Platform & click on buy button , i mean to say , for Which platform do you want to download GTA triology. For example – if i have a PC , then i will select PC platform then i will click on buy button, in the same way you can select other platforms if you have some another device like Platstation, xbox, Nintendo Switch.
  • If you clicked on Nintendo Switch – Then simply click here to see how to buy from nintendo switch site.
  • If you sleceted Xbox ,then click here to see how to buy.
  • If you slelected Playstation then simply click here.
  • if you clicked on PC platform , then simply click on Buy Button and do sign in or Sign up in social club account.
  • Once ,done, Click on – Buy button and Pay money. Many payment method available – Through credit/debit card,PayPal, amazon pay,mobile payment,etc.
  • Success message appear once you paid.
  • Now download & install rockstar games launcher and sign in with same account, that you have used to create account in rockstar social club for buying GTA triology.
  • Open Rockstar games launcher and Download Any games from these 3 games – GTA vice city, GTA 3 , GTA san Andreas.
  • Once Downloaded, Play the game.

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