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GTA Vice City PC Game size

On Windows PC, the Download & installed size of the Latest GTA Vice City Definitive Edition is about = 10 GB. That means, that after buying the game, you need more than 10GB of data to download this game.

Last Updated on – 3/9/2023

GTA Vice City Definitive edition
GTA Vice city PC Game Size

The original/old GTA Vice City PC Game is now removed by Rockstar Games. Now only you can buy the definitive edition of GTA Vice City which actually the latest version of this game.

If you want to Buy -the GTA Vice City definitive edition, then you have to buy – GTA trilogy definitive edition (a Bundle of 3 games – GTA San Andreas definitive edition, GTA 3 definitive edition, and GTA Vice City definitive edition ). You can’t buy a single game.

You can buy GTA Trilogy online from these stores –

  • Rockstar’s official site
  • Steampowered store.
  • Epic Games Store
  • etc.

Note: I will recommend, don’t buy from the official site, I mean from – Rockstar’s official site, because you have to pay more money as compared to other stores.

Once you purchased, you can download and play any game from the list of 3 games. I hope you will consider my all points.


Q. What is the installation size of GTA Vice City on PC?

after installation, the size of the GTA vice city defintitive edition is about 10 GB ( currently – 3/9/2023.)

Q. What is the Download size of GTA Vice City on PC?

The download size is the same as the installation size, which means – about 10 GB, if you download it from illegal sites, their download size is different. Never Download from illegal sites, they always give you with full of virus that causes data leaks.

Q. Can I run this game on my Potato (low-end) PC?

Yes. it can run on a potato PC by lowering the graphics settings.

Q. How many GB is GTA Vice City on pc?

About 10 GB.

Q. What is GTA Vice City setup file size or full game size for PC (Windows 10, Windows 11, etc.?

10 GB.

Q. Can I play GTA Vice City on older PCs with limited storage space?

yes, it does not require very high specifications, you can easily play on a low-end PC also.

Q. What is the difference in game size between the original version and the remastered (definitive edition) of the GTA Vice City PC game?

The size of the original Version is about 3-4 GB, The Size of the Remastered edition is about 10 GB because of improved graphics.

Q. Can I download a compressed or definitive version of GTA Vice City PC to save space from online sites that offer it for free?

No, never, always buy games from the reputed stores. I have already given you the list of all the reputed stores. Otherwise always ready for malware/virus and data leaks.

Q. What is the size of GTA Vice City on platforms like Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, etc.?

Check here.

Q. What is the Size of GTA San Andreas?

Check here the size of Pc San Andreas

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