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How To be a Cop/Police in GTA 5 – (Online, Offline)

We every time Play GTA 5 with the regular player, and we also do criminal activities but if you are thinking to be a cop/police inside the GTA 5 game( Story mode/offline mode, online mode), then congrats because your imagination is going to be real. In order to Play GTA 5 as a cop or police, you have to follow our steps.

1. Using Director mode in GTA 5 Story mode/offline mode

(This method works on any device)

Using Director Mode in GTA 5 story mode, Players can change their character to anything like – a bird, cow, police/cop, etc, Director mode is not an external mode, it comes with the original game, so, using director mode, you can change the existing character to a police uniform but after taking that character, There are no missions of the police officer, you will be a simple person even with the police uniform. You will get only the dress of police but not the power of a police officer, you will not going to become an original police officer.

Note: don’t use external mode in GTA 5 online, otherwise, your account will get banned.

Here is the way to become police using director mode –

  • Open the Interaction Main menu – Click here to see how to pull up the interaction menu on any device.
  • Once you opened the interaction menu, go to director mode just by doing up & down and then Go inside Director mode, and then do OK.
  • Now, Click on Action and then click on Emergency services and then click on – LSPD.
  • Enjoy GTA 5 in Police uniform.

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2. Using LSPDFR mod in GTA 5 offline/Modded game.

(This method works on PC only)


3. How to become in GTA 5 online

You cannot be police in GTA 5 online, and if you will use mods in GTA 5 online, your account will get banned shortly, So, don’t use LSPD mod or any type of mod in GTA 5 online. Now, further, don’t think to become a cop/police in GTA 5 online.

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