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How to boost/increase/recharge GTA 5 Special ability

GTA 5 Michael, Franklin, Trevor Special ability bar/meter can be increased/recharged by following ways for each character.

Normal Method

Select the character: Each character in GTA 5 has a unique special ability. To recharge a specific character’s special ability, you need to switch to that character.

Perform actions that charge the ability: The special ability meter in GTA 5 gradually depletes as you use it. To recharge the ability, you need to perform specific actions. Check Below.

  • Franklin: Special ability of Franklin can be increased/boosted/increased/recharged by Driving at high speeds by driving against the flow of traffic, Avoiding crashes, and doing stunts like jumps and drifts.
  • Michael: His ability bar can be increased by Engaging in combat, Shooting/killing enemies, Giving damage to others, doing stealth takedowns, and driving at high speeds.
  • Trevor: by taking damage, killing enemies, and scoring headshots.

However, the Special ability meter gradually recharges over time/after some minutes naturally/automatically without doing anything. Additionally, switching between characters periodically can allow you to utilize multiple special abilities and recharge them more effectively.

Cheat Method

You can also use a Cheat code for Instant Recharge of Special ability.

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