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How To Call a Taxi to Book taxi in GTA 5 PC Game

A step-by-step guide is here to call a taxi ola cab in the GTA 5 PC game (online + story mode). After sitting in the cab, you can go anywhere in the GTA 5 PC game.

Steps for calling a Taxi ola car in GTA 5 PC Game

(This method works on GTA 5 online mode + Story mode)

  • First, Open the Phone in GTA 5. Check here – How to open mobile in GTA 5 pc
  • Go to contacts
  • Then Use your up and down arrow on the keyboard or use the scroll wheel on the mouse to move the selection.
  • Now select downtime cab co. and hit enter on the keyboard to make a call.
  • Now, look at the mini-map of the GTA 5 game, nearby a taxi car icon will appear in a few minutes or less than a minute.
  • Once the icon appears in the mini-map, go near the taxi, go near the back door of the taxi, and Press the F button to seat in the Taxi.
  • Enjoy. Go there where you want.

FAQ – Frequently asked Questions

What is the Taxi number in GTA 5, Will it work?

Downtown Cab Co Taxi number : 323-555-5555, Just dial this number to book a taxi in GTA 5.

How to manually call Taxi ola Cab car in GTA 5 PC.

Answer – if you are not getting the contact number in the contacts, then you can do this – Open the Phone in the game, after that, open the dial pad, then Dial this taxi number -323-555-5555 & hit the enter button to call & book a taxi ola cab car.

Is this method work in GTA 5 story mode or GTA 5 online?


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