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how to drift in GTA 5 – PC, Xbox, Playstation

Drift means turning a vehicle by sliding, about every gamer loves to drift while driving a vehicle in GTA 5, in my case I always use drifting when I drive any vehicle in GTA 5, if you don’t know how to drift any vehicle in GTA 5, simply follow our 5 steps to learn.

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Steps to drift/slide any vehicle in GTA 5 PC, Xbox (one,360,X/S series), Playstation (PS3, PS4, PS5)

  1. Accelerate the speed of the vehicle up to a good speed when you are going to turn. ( Accelerate vehicle using these buttons – Press W button on PC, Press R2 button on PlayStation and Press RT on Xbox.
  2. Now turn the vehicle by releasing the accelerate button. (Note: do not press the brake/reverse key otherwise, it will decrease the speed of the vehicle).
  3. At the same time while turning the vehicle, for a very short duration, Tap the handbrake (Tap RB button on Xbox /Tap R1 button on Playstation/Tap Spacebar on PC). While turning/drifting, don’t use your brakes (LT/L2/S button) otherwise, the car loses its good speed.
  4. After that use directional buttons to save your vehicle from spinning. If you are turning in the right direction, press the left directional key, if you are turning in the left direction press the right directional key to save the vehicle from full spinning.
  5. Once the vehicle comes on the right track, again accelerate the vehicle and stop tapping any brakes.

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