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How to get into military base in GTA 5 – (Story Mode or Online)

There are various methods to get into military base in GTA 5, all those methods you can see below, Actually, no other person is allowed to enter a military base. if any tries to enter, they get instant 5 stars wanted level. The main motive for going inside the military base is to steal military vehicles. All military vehicles you can only find there but stealing any vehicle safely is a little bit difficult in GTA 5 story mode but in GTA 5 online mode, according to me, it is very difficult.

Why I am saying it is very difficult to steal in online mode, is because, even after stealing a vehicle from there, you have to remove all starts without cheating. In the case of Story mode, you can use Police leave cheat to remove all wanted levels after stealing the vehicle and after going out from the military base.

by using GTA 5 unlimited health for 5 minutes code, you can visit and roam freely full military base in GTA 5 story mode, because cheat is allowed, but in online mode, any type of cheat, hacks are not allowed.

Through Entrance Gate

 there are several entrance gates to enter a military base.

  • First Gate – it is situated on the ocean side, which is the main entrance gate. You can see the location of the First gate.
  • Second Gate – it is connected to Route 68. you can see the location of the Second gate on the map of GTA 5.

Through Air

Use an aircraft, like a plane or helicopter, you can fly over the military base and jump it as soon as possible.

Note: Once you try to cross from airspace, you will get an instant 2-star wanted level, then 4-star, and finally 5-star. There is only 1 method to enter the Military base without getting a wanted level.

It is not a smart idea to try to land your aircraft on a military base. The most effective strategy is to jump and deploy your parachute just by going near the ground. Then, before the army shoots you to death, you will only have a few minutes to steal a military vehicle. if you are playing in Story mode, then you can activate the cheat code for unlimited health for 5 minutes and you can freely visit and do anything without the tension of health, but just before 5 minutes, you have to again activate the cheat code to get again unlimited health for 5 minutes. In GTA 5 online you can’t use the cheat, so you have only some minutes to steal military vehicles just after entering the military base.

By Jumping Fast Car

Take any Fast running car, a jump your car like this from this location – See Full Video below.

Enter military base without any star

if you want to enter military base without rising star ( Wanted level) – Visit here.

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