how to open car roof in GTA 5 PC Game

how to open car roof in GTA 5 PC Game

How to open car roof in GTA 5 PC: Hold the H button on the keyboard to open the Car roof and Hold H again to close the Car roof.

⚠️Note: Must Stop the Car then Hold H. This Trick only works in Convertible cars, not in all cars/vehicles.

There are so many cars in GTA 5, but the car roof “open, close” feature does not work with all cars. Only some cars have this type of feature, Now you will ask me, how can I identify those cars?

Mostly – 2-seater cars are convertible, After seating in the car, You can check whether this car is convertible or not by pressing the H button which I already told you. For more information, You can simply search on google for a list of all convertible cars in GTA 5 and you can see the list of all convertible cars.

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