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how to open car roof in GTA 5 PC Game

Press & Hold the H button on the keyboard to open the Car roof and Press & Hold H again to close the Car roof in GTA 5 PC.

Note: Must Stop the Car then Press and hold H. This Trick only works in Convertible cars, not in all cars/vehicles.

There are so many cars in GTA 5, but the car roof “open, close” feature does not work with all cars. Only some cars have this type of feature, Now you will ask me, how can I identify those cars?

Mostly – 2-seater cars are convertible, After seating in the car, You can check, whether that car is convertible or not. Apart from this, you can search on Google like this – list of all convertible cars in GTA 5 offline & online” and you can see the list of all convertible cars.

Examples of some convertible cars are – 9F Cabrio, Carbonizzare, Surano, Felon GT, Issi, Rapid GT Cabrio, Zion Cabrio, Windsor Drop, etc

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Q: What is the default key to open & close the car roof/sunroof in GTA 5 PC?

Press and hold ‘H‘ to open, again Press and Hold H to close.

Q. Can I open and close the roof of any car in GTA 5?

No, you can open only in convertible cars, you can’t open the car roof in any general cars, For more information about convertible cars of GTA 5, you can do Google.

Q: Can I open the roof while driving in GTA 5?

No, to open the roof, your car must be at zero speed or very very slow speed. if you try to open the roof when you are driving at a good speed, the roof will not open at all.

Q: How do I identify if a car in GTA 5 is a convertible?

Convertible cars in GTA 5 usually have a roof like a cloth roof. Apart from this, most two-seater cars are convertible cars, you can check by entering the car and trying to open the roof. You can also check the list of all convertible cars in GTA 5 online and offline. For the list of convertible cars, you can do google.

Q: Can I open and close the car roof as many times as I want?

Yes, you can open and close the car roof as many times as you want.

Q: Are there any specific locations where I have to open the car roof?

No, you can open and close anywhere in the world of GTA 5.

Q: Can I also open the car roof in GTA Online?

Yes, you can also open the car roof in GTA Online using the same steps as in the single-player mode but must ensure that you are in a convertible car before trying to open the car roof.

Q. Can I save a car with an open roof of the car in my garage in GTA 5?


Q. Are there any cheats or mods to make convertible roofs of any car on non-convertible cars in GTA 5 PC?

There may be mods or cheat codes available that can enable convertible roofs on non-convertible cars. However, these modifications are not provided by the official game publisher. That may work or may not. Use at your own risk.

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