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how to open door in IGI 2

Come very near to the door & press the E or right Shift button on the keyboard to open the door in the IGI 2 game. To open some special doors, you need to Press & keep hold – E or right shift for some time. To close the door, Use the same button which you pressed to open the door. Not every gate closes once opened.

For other controls of IGI 2 – Visit here.

If E or Right shift button not working in your game, Visit here to watch a video, Now open IGI 2 on your own PC, then open the control section, and see what is written for – Action. Note that button. The button that you noted is the button that you have to press in order to open or close the door.

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Q. How many types of doors are in IGI 2

There are many types of doors, wooden doors, iron grill doors, some special locker doors, etc.

Q. Can I use explosives to force open doors in IGI 2?

no, even if you use it, the gate will not open.

Q. Which button do I have to press in IGI 2 to close the door?

The same button that you used to open the door.

Q. E or Right shift is not working in my game. what to do now?

Visit this page, and watch a video. The video is about – how to check the controls of IGI 2.
Once you learn how to check controls. Go to your game, open controls, and check there, what is written for – Action. Note that button and close settings, Start mission, use that button and open or close gate.

Q. Most doors are opening but some doors are not opening why?

Mostly all gates can be opened but some gates are always in locked condition. You can’t open it.
In some missions, IGI 2 often provides alternate routes to bypass locked doors.

Q. Why Some doors are not closing once opened?

Most of the big doors do not close once opened but small doors close when opened.

Q. What is “Action” which is written on this page?

Action is the control name. ( for door open or door close, for climbing, etc.) The buttons given for the action is the key that you can use to open/close the door.

Q. Where is the button in the game to open the door?

Mostly, you will find it on the left or right side of the gate, just look for the red button, go near the button, and press it once the button icon starts flashing.
For small doors, generally, you do not need to press the red button, just need to come near the door and press “E“or “Right shift” to open/close the door once the door icon starts flashing.

Q. Can I press the same – “E” or “Right shift” button where I see a red button in the game?

Yes, not only for door opening but also for starting alarm and stopping alarm, you can press the red button. Apart from this, wherever you see the red button in the game, you can use the E or right shift button for any action ( Activate/deactivate).

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