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how to Open Phone in GTA 4 PC – by which button

The button is given below which you have to press to open the Phone in GTA 4 PC game. once you open the phone you can use the phone according to your need.

Steps to open Phone, Close Phone

  • Press the Up arrow button to open the phone, then Press the Up arrow again to open the dial pad. (Please Note – if you have not completed any missions, please first complete 3-5 missions, then try otherwise Dial pad not come in the phone.)
  • you can Press Backspace or Right click on the mouse for Back/for the closing phone. (Note: You may have to press multiple times for going back and for closing the phone.
  • Now for entering cheat codes in the form of numbers, you have to open dial pad, after opening dial pad you can enter cheats in the phone. (Note: Press arrow keys for moving the highlighter and Press Enter for pressing numbers)
  • After writing all numbers, press the enter key to dial the number.

Visit here If you want to activate cheat codes of GTA 4 without reentering the cheat.

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