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How to open vehicle gate in GTA Vice City PC game

Come closer to the vehicle, come very close to the door & press the F button on the keyboard to open any vehicle gate in GTA Vice City. Your character will enter the vehicle through the nearest available door. That’s it! You’re now inside the vehicle and ready to drive or use it for your adventures in Vice City.

Press the F button again to come out from the vehicle.

Press – F button to Open the door and again Press F to come out.

Note: If you’re using custom control settings, the key to enter a vehicle may be different. You can check your control settings in the game options if you’ve customized your controls.

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F button works both on the old GTA Vice City as well as in the new version of GTA Vice City i.e. GTA Vice City Definitive Edition. You feel more realistic while driving the car in the latest version of the game as compared to the old version.

Vehicle Door Mechanism: In GTA Vice City, each vehicle typically has four doors, One is for the driver (usually on the left side) and the other for passengers (usually on the right side). Apart from this, one door is in the left back seat and another door is on the right back side You can open front both doors by using the ‘F’ key. In Almost all cars, you can only open the front doors, you can’t open the back doors except a taxi car when a taxi comes near to you for pickup.

Entering a vehicle: You can usually enter through the front doors by approaching near the door and pressing ‘F’. Your player will enter the vehicle through the nearest door.

In some cases, you can also enter taxi cabs as a passenger by approaching the rear passenger door and pressing ‘F’. This allows you to take a taxi ride to your destination.

Exiting a Vehicle: To exit a vehicle, press the ‘F‘ key again when you are inside. Your player will come out from the vehicle through the nearest door.

Locked Doors: Some vehicles, generally law enforcement vehicles like police cars or helicopters, may have locked doors that cannot be opened by the player. You can only enter in these vehicles if the game’s storyline or a specific mission allows it.


Q. Can I open the gate of any vehicle in GTA Vice City PC?

yes, but some cars you will find in a locked condition, which means, you can’t open the locked vehicle door.

Q. How to come out from any vehicle in GTA Vice City?

Press F to come out, but ensure that you stop the car and then press the F button, otherwise when you press F button while in the movement condition, the player jumps from the car or your health may decrease. I am not stopping you from enjoying the game, you can also do fun by jumping from the vehicle when it is in moving condition, your player will not die easily.

Q. Can I open aroplane door by using F button?

yes, why not, but don’t press F while flying, otherwise your player will jump from the sky and may die.

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