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how to swim up in GTA 5 PC

In GTA 5 PC, swimming up is fairly straightforward. Here is how you can do it. Below is the complete step-by-step instructions and keyboard controls.

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Steps to Swim Up

Swim UpPress & Hold Left Shift Button and S button at the same time
Go Inside the WaterPress single time – Space button
  • First, make sure you are in the water.
  • Use the movement controls on your keyboard to move in water. The default controls for movement in water on PC are as follows:
    • W: Swim forward
    • S: Swim backward
    • A: Swim left
    • D: Swim right
  • Go go inside the water by Pressing single time – Space button.
  • To swim up– Press & hold – Left Shift button and S button at the same time.
  • Once you do that, you your character will start swimming upwards.
  • To swim faster, you can hold down (Left Shift button – by default) while swimming.

Additionally, if you are using a gamepad or a different control scheme on PC, the swimming controls may vary. Adjust accordingly based on your control scheme.

Remember that – swimming in GTA 5 requires stamina, so keep an eye on your character’s stamina bar ( you can see in the left down corner just below the mini map . If the stamina bar depletes completely, your character will start to drown & get killed, so be cautious and try to reach the surface for air before that happens.

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