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how to swim up in GTA 5 – Xbox 360, Xbox one, series X/S

if you are experiencing difficulties to Swim Up in GTA 5 Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or Xbox Series S, take a look here and check Controls and enjoy the aquatic adventures that GTA 5 offers.

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Controls for – Xbox (Xbox 360 /Xbox one /Xbox Series X/Xbox Series S)

Xbox controller - Controls for Swim UP in GTA 5
  1. Horizontal & verticle movement: Use the left stick on your PS3/Ps4/Ps5 controller to control your character’s direction in the water. Example – Up ,down, left, right, Forward , backward.
  2. Use A button (press & hold) along with left stick to Move forward faster.
  3. Press single time – RB button to dive ( go deep in water ). You can press again to go again in deeper.
  4. To swim upward, press and hold the A button on your controller and Shift Left Stick down to Swim Upward more faster. This will make your character swim towards the surface. By default, the sprint/accelerate button on Xbox controller is the A button, it increase character’s swimming speed and allow you to swim – up more quickly.

Other Controls which may useful for you

  • While Swimming, attack by pressing – B button
  • Get Knife by pressing – LB button . ( under Water only you can use knife as a weapon for protection.)


Don’t stay in the water for too long and keep checking your health bar otherwise your character might die. Once the blue light meter runs out (which you can see below the mini map), your character will quickly begin to lose health. If you don’t emerge before health runs out, you will die.

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