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How to Switch Characters in GTA 5 PC Story mode -(Offline)

Steps to switch characters in GTA 5 PC Story mode -(Offline) are given below. Mainly there are three main characters in the GTA 5 game, their names are – Franklin, Michael, and Trevor, You can play the game with any character according to your interest, and you can also switch or change your character.

Steps For Switch Characters in GTA 5 PC Story mode(offline)

  • Hold the Alt button to open the character switch panel.
  • Then Use your mouse to move in all directions to select the character which you want.
  • Now release the Alt button.

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Steps For Switching Characters

Shortcuts method for Switching Characters in GTA 5 PC (Story Mode)

Press these buttons on the keyboard to switch characters –

  • Press F5 – Switch to Michael
  • Press F6 – Switch to Franklin
  • Press F7 – Switch to Trevor
  • Press F8 – Switch to GTA 5 Online
  • Press T– For Character selector

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