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IGI 2 game size

IGI 2 Game size after installation is about 1.35 GB. The Setup size of the IGI 2 game is about 1 GB. You can buy and download the game from the gog website. To explore the site for buying IGI 2, type this on Google – gog igi 2

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IGI 2 Game as you know is the second game of the IGI game series, released in 2003 by Innerloop Studios. The user who is impressed with IGI 1, always finds their next game, i.e. IGI 2. IGI 2 is released for Windows PC only. The size of the IGI 2 game is a little bit high as compared to IGI 1 because high graphics are given in the IGI 2 if we compare with the IGI1.

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Why do we want to know the size of IGI 2?

We try to know about the size of the game so that we can make decisions for buying the game after analyzing whether the game can be played on our PC or not.

Because everyone is not rich and does not have a good PC, even if we do have not any high-end PCs, we can play low specification requirement games. Because of this, we try to find the exact size of the game so that we can decide whether IGI 2 works smoothly or not on my PC. The reason behind finding the size of IGi 2 is not limited to this one, other reasons can be the following-

  • Download: To Find out the exact time that would take to download the complete IGI 2 game. By knowing the file size we can easily decide whether we have to download or not.
  • Storage: Every gamer knows the pain of less storage in their PC. In modern times, generally, games launch with huge sizes, so storing games on our PC is a little bit difficult, that’s why we try to know the size of the game.
  • Low System Requirements: Generally low-size games do not require high-end specifications. So by knowing the size of the game, we can know partially, whether IGI 2 requires high-end specifications or low-end specifications.


Q. What is the setup size of the IGI 2 game?

The setup size is less than 1 GB.

Q. What is the Size of the IGI 2 game after installing it on my PC?

About 1.35 GB after installation.

Q. What is the size of compressed IGI 2?

Genuine Store provides you best possible compressed setup of the IGI 2 game. Always buy the game from a genuine place or store. if you want to buy IGI 2, you can buy it from the gog website, which offers this game for just about 2$.
To explore the site for buying IGI 2 – Type this on Google – gog igi 2. You can open the first link to explore the site for buying IGI 2 for your PC.

Q. Why Size of the IGI 2 game is only about 1 GB even after high graphics?

Because it is not a big game, it has only several missions, it is not an open-world game, that’s why its size is about 1 GB.

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