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In GTA 4 PC – How to Enter cheat Codes & Dial numbers

Follow the below steps If you want to dial numbers in GTA 4 PC game for activating cheat codes.

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Steps to Open Phone, Enter cheat, and Dial Number

  • Open the Phone by pressing the Up arrow button, then Press again Up arrow to open the dial pad. (Please Note – if you have not completed any missions, please first complete 3-5 missions, then try otherwise Dial pad not come in the phone.)
  • Now type cheat codes in numbers. ( Note: move the highlighter by using arrow buttons and Press Enter button for selection/pressing number).
  • After writing all numbers Hit enter button to activate the cheat

Steps to Instant Activate cheat codes without retyping or dialing cheats.

Half Knowledge is always dangerous, so read till the end.

  • Once you activated any cheat in GTA 4, that cheat code saves on your mobile in the cheats Option.
  • For activating a cheat code very quickly without retyping the same cheat again, just you have to open the phone, then Press Enter to go to the main menu then scroll down and go inside the Cheats option.
  • Now move the highlighter using arrow buttons, You will see there, that all the cheat codes saved there that you activated earlier.
  • Now to Activate the cheat, only you have to hit Enter button. You can Press Multiple times for getting cheat items in different colors.

Steps to Save all Activated cheats permanently on GTA 4 phone.

  • Important: Must Save the game, if you want to keep all cheats codes on your mobile. Otherwise, all cheats get erased which are in the cheat option.
  • Now in order to save all Activated cheats permanently on GTA 4 phone, you have to save the game, whenever you activate some cheats.
  • To save the game, you have to go to the safe house, then go near the bed and Press the F button.
  • Thereafter click on the existing save game then Click on Enter or Press Enter button.
  • You can also save the game in the new save game slot.

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