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in GTA 5 – special Ability of Main Characters

In Grand Theft Auto V, each playable character has their own unique ability. Here are the abilities of the three main protagonists:

Abilities of the three main protagonists

Franklin special ability

Franklin Clinton: Franklin’s special ability is called “Slow Motion Driving.” When driving at high speeds, Franklin can activate this ability, which slows down time, giving him better control over his vehicle and allowing for precise maneuvers.

Michael special ability

Michael’s special ability is called “time slows down.” When activated, time slows down for Michael, allowing him to aim more accurately in combat. Means, he can aim and shoot more accurately by slowing down time. Also, he takes reduced damage. This is another benefit.

Trevor special ability

Trevor Philips: Trevor’s special ability is called “Rampage.” When activated, Trevor goes into a rage mode, increasing his damage output and reducing damage taken. In this state, he also has the ability to perform a unique melee attack called “Berserk,” which can instantly kill enemies.

How to Activate

  • On PC – Press Caps Lock.
  • On Xbox – Press LS+RS button at the same time.
  • on Playstation – L3 and R3 at the same time.

Some other useful information

Note: special abilities are limited by a meter that gradually depletes after activating. For more information read below.

These abilities can be helpful in various situations, such as combat, driving, and navigating through challenging missions. Each character’s ability is unique and tailored to their playstyle.

Remember that the special abilities are limited by a meter that gradually depletes after activated. So you can keep your eyes on the meter when you are using this feature in the game. If it runs out, players will have to wait sometime to refill. It can be replenished by performing certain actions. Each GTA 5 protagonist has different methods to refill their meter.

How to Recharge/Increase Special ability meter

1. Normal Method

  • Michael: By Engaging in combat, Giving damage to others, giving headshots, performing silent takedowns, and driving at high speeds.
  • Franklin: by driving fast against the flow of traffic, avoiding crashes, and doing stunts like jumps and drifts.
  • Trevor: by taking damage, killing enemies, scoring headshots, Giving damage to others, and Driving at high speed.

However, the Special ability meter gets recharged automatically/naturally after some time without doing anything.

For more information in detail visit here

2. Cheat Method

You can also use a Cheat code for Instant Recharge of Special ability –

  • Xbox One / Xbox Series X – A, A, X, RB, LB, A, Right, Left, A
  • PS4 / PS5 – X, X, Square, R1, L1, X, Right, Left, X
  • Phone – 1-999-769-3787

Using Cheat codes in the Game may disable tropics and Achievements, so use them only if you want to disable tropics and Achievements, Otherwise, simply use the normal method.

Please note that these abilities are specific to the single-player mode ( Story mode) of Grand Theft Auto V means, It only works in story mode, these special abilities are limited to Michael, Franklin, and Trevor only. And these characters are only found in GTA 5 Story mode, Overall means, you can only use the Story mode of GTA 5 and not in GTA 5 online.

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