is GTA san Andreas available on steam? – If not then Why?

is GTA san Andreas available on steam

GTA San Andreas is now no longer available for purchase on Steam. if you visit the Page of GTA san Andreas – Steam, you will see the following notice –

Notice: At the request of the publisher, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is no longer available for sale on Steam.

The meaning of this notice is – from now, you can’t buy GTA San Andreas Game from steam.

According to Rockstar Games, people who have already purchased the game can download and install it whenever they want. The player who has already purchased from any platform/retailer, they do not lose access, they download & install anytime anywhere lifetime.

Not only GTA san Andreas but also GTA 3 and GTA vice city are no longer available to purchase from steam. Only GTA 4 & GTA 5 is still available to purchase from steam.

but the main question is, now from where we can buy GTA san Andreas or GTA 3 or GTA vice city?

Maybe you don’t know that, Latest version of all these games is released with a name – GTA trilogy – Definitive edition and you can buy this latest version of the game from the official website of Rockstar – GTA trilogy. Here the main problem is that, you can’t buy a single game, you have to Buy all those 3 games ( GTA 3, GTA SA, GTA VC).

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Why you can’t buy GTA San Andreas from steam?

A New Version of all these games (GTA 3, GTA san Andreas, GTA vice city) is now launched with a new name – GTA trilogy ( GTA trilogy means – GTA san Andreas definitive edition, GTA Vice city definitive edition, GTA 3 definitive edition). that’s why they removed it from all digital platforms so that the latest release of the game easily gets success.

Many of the players are not happy after it gets removed from Steam or from another digital store, but to launch the new version of the game, it is removed, so that new players buy their new version of the game and the company makes a profit.


After the removal of the GTA san Andreas game from steam, now From where we can buy GTA san Andreas Game

You can buy from their official site – Rockstar Games – GTA trilogy

Can you still buy the original GTA San Andreas?

No, After 30 june -2022

is GTA san Andreas available on epic games, or any other online store?

No, only available on Rockstar Games.

Is GTA San Andreas coming back to Steam?

Right now we can’t say, it will come again or not, rockstar simply wants to sell their new game first, they want to save their game from piracy. Well, yet, there is no update from rockstar regarding coming back.

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