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Project IGI 1 All Missions Skip/Pass without Playing missions

Here is the best method to Unlock all missions of the Project IGI 1 PC game without playing. You can easily unlock all missions just by using a savegame file.

This method is really working, If you don’t want to complete one-by-one missions and simply do you want to play any mission from whole missions as per your interest then you can try this method for unlocking all missions of IGI 1 without playing just in 1 minute.

Why We Want to Skip Missions

Reasons may be different for different persons, Reasons may be –

  • Some missions are hard to complete that’s why I want to skip one mission and want to play the next mission, but it is not possible to skip it easily without any kind of trick or method.
  • I want to play any mission from the list of all missions.
  • I don’t want to complete one-by-one missions, because some missions are very hard for me, and I am unable to go on the next mission.
  • Accidentally my game was deleted, I already completed 3-4 missions, and all my hard work was wasted, that’s why I want to get it back.

These all may be the reasons, that’s why you came here to skip all missions of IGI1.

Steps to unlock all missions of IGI 1 PC game.

  • Download config.qvm, you can download it from this page – IGI 1 Savegame PC.
  • Go,there where you downloaded config.qvm file.
  • Right click on config.qvm & Copy the config.qvm file.
  • Paste config.qvm file into the main game folder.
  • Click on Replace the file in the destination.
  • Now Start the game and see – All missions are unlocked or not.
  • Enjoy.


Q. What is the cheat code to unlock all missions in IGI?

There is no cheat codes like IGI 2 for unlocking all missions of IGI but you can Unlock all the misions by using 100% Savefile of IGI.

Q How many levels are there in IGI 1?

There are total 14 missions, for more info – check here.

Q. What is config.qvm file?

It is a savefile of IGI 1, a file that stores data like – how many missions you have completed on your IGI game.

Q.Where I have to paste config.qvm file in the game?

Just you have to go into the game folder where all files and the folders of IGI 1 game is located, after that, you don’t have to go anywhere, just paste it there.

Q. Really this method works?

Yes of course.

Q. Why this method is not working for me?

This method works, it has been tested. Your issue is coming may be due to these reasons- you have not followed the step-by-step guide or you have made any kind of mistakes. To solve this issue, you can Reinstall your game, and then you can carefully try our method, for more guidance, you can watch the video which is also provided for you for better understanding.

Q. Is there any kind of virus in config.qvm file?

No, it is virus-free, it’s just a save file. you don’t have to worry about that.

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