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(Fixed)- GTA san Andreas not Running in widescreen Resolution on my PC

Now, Remove all tensions, if, GTA san Andreas not running in widescreen Resolution on your PC (Laptop or desktop) because here I have given steps to fix this problem just in a minute.

Main Problems

  • GTA San Andreas not running in Widescreen on PC( my laptop or desktop), even my computer has more resolution but does not coming any option to change resolution up to maximum.
  • Game not running at maximum resolution and because of this, the game running at lower graphics quality.
  • Game Not running in – (1920×1080 ), (1366×768) ,(1280 x 720), (2560 x 1440), (3840 x 2160),etc .
  • Changed to maximum resolution but still game not running on widescreen.
  • The aspect Ratio is not getting changing as I want.
  • And much more.

Steps to Run GTA san Andreas in Widescreen Resolution

  • Download & Install – WinRAR software.
  • Download Widescreen Fix file – GTASA.WidescreenFix. Zip.
  • Now, Go to the location where you downloaded the file.
  • Right-click on this file – GTASA.WidescreenFix.zip.
  • Click on “extract to _GTASA.WidescreenFix
  • Go inside this folder – GTASA.WidescreenFix.
  • Now, Select all files & folders and right-click on the mouse, and click on copy to copy all files.
  • Now go to your GTA san Andreas game folder, just go inside the main folder and right-click on the mouse, and click on the paste to paste all files in the game folder.
  • Replace files if any file already exists in the game folder.
  • Done.
  • Now Restart your Game,Go to Options, then go to Display Setup, then go to advance.
  • Do settings like this —
    • Widescreen: ON
    • Frame limiter: OFF
    • Resolution: Change resolution up to the maximum in which you are getting widescreen.
  • After doing this setting, Go back and click on Start game, and start the game.
  • Now Enjoy the game with widescreen. If still not working simply restart your game after doing the settings.


Q. What is the best resolution for GTA San Andreas?

Answer – The maximum resolution of your computer is the best resolution for GTA san Andreas.

Q. How do I make GTA San Andreas full screen or how do I make 1920×1080 resolution?

Answer – Follow the same steps which I have been given on this page.

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