(Fixed) – Mouse not working in GTA San Andreas PC game

Mouse not working in GTA San Andreas PC game - Fixed

Now don’t worry, If your mouse not working in GTA San Andreas Game on PC ( windows- 10/7/8/XP ), There are many solutions/methods to fix this. Here we provided 2 methods to fix this problem. Check below.

GTA San Andreas was released in 2004 by Rockstar Games and it is one of the popular open-world game. & the oldest game, but still it is popular. That’s why a lot of people download the San Andreas game after buying, The latest GTA San Andreas comes in a definitive edition in which you will get very nice graphics. Well, most Windows 10/7 users facing – Mouse not working problem in the San Andreas game. However, there are fewer chances of getting this problem if you download and install the game from trusted sources like Steam. if you download the pirated game, then there is a chance of getting this issue.

Problem – See Live Video

After starting the GTA San Andreas game, Mouse not working like this –

  • Not able to click anywhere or you can’t click on any option. (Tip: At the time of this problem you can select options by using the keyboard enter button and arrow button).
  • The mouse arrow is moving but When I click on Options,nothing happens/ in simple words – The mouse click not working
  • Not able to look around / can’t look around via mouse/ Not moving the camera when I moving my mouse/overall not moving the camera/ also mouse not working while driving/walking.

If you are getting all these problems, and if you want to fix them, just follow the below methods which I have given on this page.

How to Fix – Mouse not working Problem

Here I provided two best working methods to solve this problem, you can use any method to solve this problem, If the first method does not work for you, you can try 2nd method also. So, you can try any method from these 2 methods.

Method 1: Download  DINPUT8.DLL and Paste in Game file

  1. Download DINPUT8.DLL from here.
  2. Now, go there, where you downloaded DINPUT8.DLL, and copy that file.
  3. Go in the folder of the GTA San Andreas game and paste it there.
  4. Everything is done; Now start GTA San Andreas Game on PC.

Method 2: Use only one Processor

  1. Launch GTA San Andreas Game.
  2. Now minimize the game.
  3. Now Press CTRL + Shift +ESC at the same time to open Task Manager.
  4. Right-click on “gta_sa.exe” from the Processes tab and then click on – go to details.
  5. Now again, right-click on “gta_sa.exe” and then click on set affinity.
  6. A new small window will open; untick all processors.
  7. Now Select only one processor – CPU 1 and untick all
  8. Done! Open minimized GTA San Andreas game.
  9. Problem Fixed – Mouse working! – Enjoy.


Using any method from these 2 methods, granted, you can solve – Mouse not working problem in GTA san Andreas. 1st method is better than 2nd method because, in the second method, you have to do all those steps again and again for fixing the problem whenever you start the game but if you will use the 1st method, then only you have to do a single time only for fixing the problem.

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