GTA 3 PC all cheats pdf download in 1 click

GTA 3 PC All Cheat Codes PDF Download

All the cheat codes of PC GTA 3 are given in the pdf file, which you will download from here, All cheats are given for both old/original GTA 3 and GTA 3 definitive edition. Within a second, just in 1 click, you can download a pdf file of all cheat codes of PC GTA 3.

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Download PDF of – GTA 3 PC All Cheats for both Original & Definitive edition

 Download GTA 3 Cheats PDF

All Available PC cheats of GTA 3 are in the pdf file. All cheats are given for GTA 3 original/old and GTA 3 definitive edition. All disabled cheats for GTA 3 definitive edition are also given in the pdf for your knowledge, otherwise, you think again and again why this cheat not working and so on.

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All things are mentioned besides the cheat like – which cheat that not work in the definitive edition and which cheat does not work in the original GTA 3.

Now click on the below button to download the PDF file of all PC cheats of GTA 3 in a single click.

Note: Cheat codes in GTA 3 Definitive Edition will disable Trophies, you can use cheat in another save game, You can keep your original main save game safe from cheat. if you don’t want to get anything then you can use it without any problem.

How to activate & deactivate GTA 3 cheats on PC

Open the game, Type cheat codes on the keyboard, and once you correctly entered, you will get a notification on the left side like this- Cheat Activated. Retype the same cheat to deactivate some cheats. Once deactivated you will get a message like this – Cheat deactivated.

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