GTA 3 Savegame PC – 100% + Mission Wise (After Each Mission)

GTA 3 Savegame PC - 100% + Mission Wise (After Each Mission)

From this page you can Download GTA 3 Savegame PC100% (story complete savegame/Skip mission file) + Each Mission Wise (After Each Story Mission).

What is GTA 3 PC save file/Savegame ?

GTA 3 savegame file is a file that contains data like –  which cloth is on your player, how many guns and weapons, how much money you have, etc.

GTA 3 savegame file you can find here at this location – C:\Users\yourusername\Documents\GTA3 User Files.

By simply going to this location- You can replace the old save file with the fully completed save file, after which the mission gets completed and unlock.

in the same way, You can replace the old save file with any mission finished save file and after that, you can skip any particular mission.

GTA 3 Savegame PC – 100%

Benefits of using 100% savefile

  • You can Skip all missions in 1 minute.
  • You can unlock the Full map of GTA 3
  • Full Game gets completed.
  • Everything gets unlocked in the game, all bridge gets opened, all thing gets visible on the map, etc.
GTA 3 Savegame PC - 100% - All mission Completed Savefile
GTA 3 Savegame PC - 100% savegame

Stats of 100% Savegame

GTA 3 Savegame PC - 100% stats

GTA 3 Savegame PC – Mission Wise (After Each Mission)

Benefits of using Mission wise savefile

  • You can play any mission.
  • For example, if the 45th mission is difficult, I will put the 46th mission savefile in the GTA 3 savegame location and after doing this I will continue my mission from the 46th mission.
GTA 3 Savegame PC - Mission Wise (After Each Mission)

Gameplay Screenshots

Gameplay image - GTA 3 Savegame PC - After Completing all missions
Gameplay image -GTA 3 PC after putting Savefile
Gameplay image -GTA 3 Savegame PC - After putting Savefile of GTA 3
Gameplay image -GTA 3 Savegame PC - After skipping missions

How to Put GTA 3 100% + Mission wise savegame in PC (Desktop or Laptop).

Putting Guide For 100% Savegame

  • Download 100% save file OR Each mission savefile from below.
  • if you downloaded only 100% savefile of the Game, then go to that place, where you downloaded a 100% save file of GTA 3.
  • Now copy this type of file- ” GTA3sf1.b ”  and go to – document >>>and then on this folder – GTA3 User Files >>> after coming to this folder paste there. Here is full location of GTA 3 PC Savegame – C:\Users\yourusername\Documents\GTA3 User Files.
    • Note: Before copying the save files, you can keep your old files in a safer location.
  • Replace the file if any file already exists.
  • Restart GTA 3 PC game, then select the load game option and click on any save game.
  • All done, Enjoy.

Putting Guide – if you downloaded Mission wise Savegame

  • If you downloaded Each mission savefile, first download & install –  WinRar software
  • Now right click on it – GTA 3 savegame –,then click on extract here.
  • Go inside the folder – GTA 3 savegame –, select any mission, then right-click on that particular mission and click on extract here. Copy that savefile (file like this – GTA3sf1.b) and paste it at this location –C:\Users\yourusername\Documents\GTA3 User Files.

Savegame File info

100% GTA 3 PC savegame file Name and SizeGTA3sf2.b and 197 KB
GTA 3 Each mission savegame PC file name and SizeGTA 3 savegame -
and 1.44 MB
This Savegame works only in PC, GTA 3 Game
Location,where we need to put savegame file C:\Users\yourusername
\Documents\GTA3 User Files.

GTA 3 PC 100% savegame + Mission-wise savegame download from below


You need WinRAR for Opening this File


Watch Video to Complete GTA 3 all mission

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