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GTA 4 Savegame PC – 100% + Each Mission

GTA 4 is now old if we compare it with other modern games as of now, but this game is very lovely. If you wish to bypass any missions or explore the open world without any restrictions, the GTA 4 Savegame PC 100% + Each Mission can help you in this regard. You can download a 100% savefile or each mission savegame from this page. After downloading, simply paste it into the designated savegame location to get the benefits that I mentioned earlier.

Overview of 100% Savegame

GTA 4 Savegame PC - 100%
GTA 4 100% Savegame Stats
GTA 4 PC Story Complete

Benefits of using 100% savegame

  • You can skip all missions in 1 minute.
  • You can open everything inside GTA 4 (you can open the full map, all houses, all shops, all airports, etc.).
  • You can also open or unlock everything inside the game after manually completing all missions line-wise. But if you want to complete all missions and want to open everything inside the game in just 1 minute, then you can paste the GTA 4 100% savegame file to the savegame location of GTA 4.

Overview of Mission Wise Savegame

GTA 4 PC  Mission wise Savegames

Benefits of using Mission wise savegame

  • You can play any mission. You just need to paste the file of any mission in the savegame location of GTA 4.
  • Suppose the 36th mission is hard and not easy to complete, then my solution would be straightforward. I will place the 37th mission file directly into the savegame location of GTA 4.

After putting 100% Savegame

100% Complete Game

How to Put SaveGame file in the Savegame location?

  1. Download & Install –  WinRar software. You can download it from Google.
  2. Now download 100% save file OR Each mission savefile from this page(the download button is given below).
  3. Now before going to the next steps – see this video and do it on your PC.
  4. Go to that place, where you downloaded a 100% save file of GTA 4.
  5. Copy SGTA411 & paste it to this savegame location —
    1. (Original GTA 4 savegame Location ( for Older Version))– C:\Users\Your Name\AppData\Local\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\savegames\userxxxxxxx
    2. For New GTA 4 version – C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\Profiles\
    3. You can also paste at this location (if you have the latest version of GTA 4)C:\Users\Your Name\AppData\Roaming\Goldberg SocialClub Emu Saves\GTA IV\0F74F4C4
  6. Note: Before copying the save files, you can keep your old save files in a safer location.
  7. Now replace the file if any file already exists.
  8. All done, close GTA 4 first then start GTA 4 game, Go to load savegame option and load this savegame – complete storyline.
  9. Click on it and wait.
  10. Enjoy.

If you downloaded GTA 4 Each Mission wise savefile – 

  • Right-click on this file – GTA 4 Mission wise savegame.rar.
  • click on extract here. 
  • Now go inside the folder – GTA 4 Mission-wise savegame and choose any mission as per your choice.
  • go inside the folder of that particular mission, then rename the file to this: SGTA411 and then copy that file (SGTA411) and paste it in the savegame location of GTA 4 (upper I provided). Done, Enjoy.

File info

File Name of 100% savefileSGTA411
File size of 100% savefile51.8 KB
File Name of Each mission SavegameGTA 4 Savegame PC -After each mission.rar
File size of Each mission Savegame4.42 MB
Location,where we need to put savegame fileC:\Users\Yourusername\
Rockstar Games\GTAIV\

𝙊𝙍 ( For Latest GTA 4 )
C:\Users\Your Name\AppData\
Goldberg SocialClub Emu Saves\

Rockstar Games\GTA IV\Profiles\
This savegame works only in PC , GTA 4 PC Game

GTA 4 100% SaveFile


GTA 4 SaveFile After Each Mission


GTA 4 Lost and Damned 100% PC SaveFile


GTA 4 – THE BALLAD OF GAY TONY – 100% PC Savegame

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