GTA 5 Police Cheat PC

GTA 5 Police Cheat PC

All available GTA 5 Police Cheat PC  is given below, you can use these cheats in GTA 5 PC game.

It is very tough to face police in GTA 5 once you have done any type of crime, In such a situation, if you want to remove police and want to do fun in GTA 5 then you can easily do that, Just enter this cheat code – LAWYERUP for removing wanted level. Once you activate this cheat, then after, police do not catch you and you can do fun in the game. In the same way, you can use this cheat – FUGITIVE , if you want to increase the wanted level and want to do fun with the police.

if you are playing GTA 5 first time, and if you are in starting missions, and if you will go to the airport for seeing how is the airport of GTA 5, police will catch you, so for going to the airport, you can use remove police cheat for going to the airport. Overall, You can do anything using police cheat where police disturb you. All GTA 5 police cheats are also given below.

GTA 5 Police Cheats

Cheat codeCheat Name
FUGITIVE : Increase wanted level
LAWYERUP: Decrease wanted level

Note: don’t use any type of cheats in GTA 5 online, otherwise, your account will get banned, only use in story mode/offline mode.

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How to Activate these cheats

Open GTA 5 game, Press ~ button on the keyboard, then type cheats and hit enter to activate the cheat.

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