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GTA San Andreas PC full cheats pdf

From here you can download a pdf file of full cheats of the GTA San Andreas PC game, A list of all available cheat codes of GTA San Andreas is provided in the PDF file that works on both the original version i.e. GTA San Andreas, and the new version i.e. GTA san andreas definitive edition.

GTA San Andreas is an open-world game, it is the fifth game in the series of GTA Games, This game is good for any type of PC because it can run very easily. Recently the definitive edition of the game launched, and now graphics are very good in the definitive edition but the size of the game increased. The Size of the GTA San Andreas definitive edition is here.

For more enjoyment in the game we use cheats but finding cheats again and again on the internet is not a good idea. So, download a PDF file in which you will get all the cheats of the GTA San Andreas game that work on both the old version and the latest version of the GTA San Andreas game. The link for downloading the pdf file is given below. Check it carefully.

You can also print out the PDF and you can put it on your table where you are playing the game. In the PDF file, category all cheat codes are listed. You can easily find any cheats of GTA San Andreas as per your need and you can activate in the game.

PDF Preview

GTA San Andreas PC full cheats pdf Download from below

Download PDF – GTA San Andreas Full Cheats

How to Activate cheat code on PC

Type the Cheat codes on your keyboard while playing the game to Activate, once activated you will get a message on the left-hand side of the screen like this – Cheat Activated.

Now in order to deactivate the cheat, Just reenter the same cheat again. Once you reenter the cheat you will get a message on the left-up side of the screen like this – Cheat deactivated.

Remember: only limited cheats you can deactivate.


Q. Do cheat codes disable achievements or trophies in GTA San Andreas on PC?

Yes, typically disables the ability to earn achievements and trophies. If you’re aiming to complete the game with all achievements and trophies unlocked, it’s best to avoid using cheats. You can use cheat codes on another save game but don’t use them on your main save game. if you are not aiming to complete the game with all achievements and trophies, use cheat codes without any problems or limits.

Q. Are there any risks if we are going to download a cheats PDF file on my PC from this page?

No, no need to worry about that, PDF is 100% safe and virus-free because you are downloading the PDF file from this page/website – gogifox.com which is a very good site.

Q. Are all of these cheats that are given in the pdf file compatible with GTA San Andreas’ final edition?

Yes, works on the old version as well as on the Definitive edition. The cheats which not work on the definitive edition are written in the pdf file.

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