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GTA Vice City savegame location on Windows PC

if you are finding GTA vice city savegame location on a Windows PC, then don’t go anywhere, simply see below. You can Put a 100% Savegame file or Mission wise savegame file of GTA Vice City in the Savegame location of GTA Vice City and also you can cut/copy the savegame file to a safer location after finding the exact savegame location of the GTA vice city game. Apart from this, you can delete savegames also.

There are two savegame locations, one is for the old GTA Vice City Game and another is for GTA vice city Definitive Edition ( it is the New version of the GTA vice city Game).

Savegame Location of – Old/original GTA Vice City

  • C:\Users\yourusername\Documents\GTA Vice City User Files

In Simple words – Go to Documents, then Go inside – the GTA Vice City User files folder, Thereafter, you will get your Savegames. Example of random Savegame file – GTAVCsf3.

Note: This is the Savegame location of the old/original GTA Vice City PC game, If you are finding the savegame location of the GTA Vice City Definitive Edition PC game, then visit here.

Savegame Location of - original GTA vice city


Q. What Exactly Are GTA Vice City Savefiles?

GTA Vice City savefiles are basically special file on your computer where the game stores important data about your progress in the game. They keep storing your progress. Progress like the tasks you’ve completed, the objects that you’ve collected, and where you are in the game. So, when you quit playing, close the game, and come back later, the game uses that savefile to remember where you were and what you did, what you collected, which dress you have worn, which weapon you have, and which car you have saved in your garage. so you may resume your adventures from that point. It’s like a virtual diary for your game.

The game creates a savefile whenever you save your game in GTA Vice City, whether manually or through auto-saves. This file contains all of the relevant data about your character’s journey, allowing you to return back to the same condition in the game where you left off when you return to the game later. Savefile is like your brain, where all the progress of your life is stored.

Q Where Are They Stored?

The location can vary depending on your Operating system or game, but here we’ll focus on the most common platform: Windows PC. In Windows PC, the game progress of the old GTA Vice City game is stored here – Documents\GTA Vice City User Files\ GTAVsf2.b.

The Savefile of the old GTA Vice City game often starts with “GTAVCsf” followed by a number Each number represents a different save slot. An example of a savefile is – GTAVCsf1.b. The name of the savefile can be different. Inside this file, all your game progress stores.

Q. Are Savefile and Savegame both are same or different?

Both are the same things.

Q. How do I Take a backup of my current Game progress?

if you are going to take a backup of Old GTA Vice City, then first go to this location – Documents\GTA Vice City User Files. Once you reach here. After going inside the – GTA Vice City User Files folder, Copy all files, go to another place, make a new folder, go inside the new folder, then paste the files that you have copied earlier. Now your game progress file is kept safe, now you can delete or uninstall the game without worrying about the game progress because you have taken a back of your current game progress.

Q. How to regain my game progress from the backup file?

copy all files from the backup savefile, then come to this location –Documents\GTA Vice City User Files, then paste the files, then click on replace the file if any file exists. Now everything is done, open your game, and enjoy.

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