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How Many Total missions are in IGI 1 Game? – Mission List

In total, there are 14 missions in the IGI 1 PC Game. All missions are very interesting and have a lot of fun.

In IGI 1, all missions are almost easy, but in IGI 2, some missions are slightly difficult, but one feature helps you when playing any mission in IGI 2. The feature is – you can save the game anywhere in the middle of the mission. 

In IGI 1 there is no feature for saving the game in the middle of a mission. I like IGI 1 over IGI 2 because the graphics quality, sound, controls, and overall look of the IGI 1 are better than IGI 2.

Mission List

Here’s a list of the all missions of IGI 1: I’m Going In:

Mission 1: Trainyard

Mission 1 Trainyard


  • Steal the truck which is near the main entrance

Mission 2: SAM Base

Mission 2 SAM Base


  • Get C4 charges bomb from the warehouse
  • Place one C4 charge bomb on each of the SAM launcher vehicles.
  • Come to the helipad and fly away using the helicopter.

Mission 3 Military Airbase

Mission 3: Military Airbase


  • You have to find Josef Priboi’s new location by checking the flight record in the control tower. Go to the top floor of the tower and access the computer to get the record.
  • Escape from there by stealing the fighter jet.

Mission 4 GOD

Mission 4 GOD


  • Climb on the water tower and kill enemies using a sniper. ( Don’t kill helicopter-landed soldiers)
  • Provide cover for the soldiers by killing enemies until Josef safely comes out with the soldiers for helicopter flight.

Mission 5: Radar Base

Mission 5: Radar Base


  • Receive a keycard from the table.
  • Go to the radar dome big house and access the machine to insert the virus.
  • Kill all enemies
  • Come to the helipad and fly out once the helicopter reaches the helipad.

Mission 6: Get Priboi

Mission 6 Get Priboi


  • Obtain bomb explosives from the warehouse.
  • Shut down the generator to disarm the electric fence.
  • Set bomb charges on the fuel dump to force the Priboi to escape from the safety of his warehouse.
  • Search all filing cabinets for evidence data.

Mission 7: Border Crossing

Mission 7 Border Crossing


  • Cross the border carefully.
  • Get in the truck

Mission 8: Re-Supply

Mission 8 Re-Supply


  • Escape from the infantry base of the enemy.
  • Receive map computer and homing beacon.
  • Set homing beacon on SAM launcher vehicle for blasting SAM launcher by jet plane from the sky.
  • Infiltrate in the radar house and off the radar system.
  • Get away from the radar house, and go near the helicopter to complete the mission.

Mission 9: Missile Trainyard

Mission 9 Missile Trainyard


  • Enter the base without raising the alarm and access the computer to turn off the security camera system. ( Note: Enter the base carefully, otherwise If the alarm runs for more than 30 seconds, the mission fails.)
  • Enter in the high-security train coach and go near the Priboi to complete the mission.

Mission 10: Defend Priboi

Mission 10 Defend Priboi


  • Receive Proximity Mines bombs from storage warehouse and other weapons and ammo.
  • Go inside the highest-height building in the abandoned village, and place proximity mine bombs in the walls of the highest building in the stair area to kill any coming enemies.
  • Reach the top of the building and use a LAW 80 gun to blast the tank, wait for the helicopter to land, and once landed, come near to the helicopter to complete the mission.

Mission 11: Eagle’s Nest I

Mission 11 Eagle's Nest I


  • Receive a sniper rifle from the top of the floor.
  • Access a console to turn on the generator to activate/power up the cable car.
  • Activate the cable car by accessing the console.
  • Go inside the cable car to complete the mission.

Mission 12: Eagle’s Nest II

Mission 12 Eagle's Nest II


  • Find the bomb. Find Ekk and wait for Ekk to run away to complete the mission.

Mission 13: Nuclear Infiltration

Mission 13 Nuclear Infiltration


  • Secure deployment zone for Anya and friendly forces. ( Reach there where you see a helipad by killing all enemies to complete the mission )

Mission 14: Finding the Bomb

Mission 14 Finding the Bomb


  • Find the bomb and disable it.
  • Kill Ekk if you see her.

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