How Many Total missions are in IGI 1 Game? – Mission List

how many missions are there in IGI 1 Game

In total there are 14 missions in IGI 1 PC Game. All missions are very interesting and have a lot of fun.

in IGI 1, All missions are almost easy but in the IGI2 game, according to me, missions are really very tough, but one feature supports you while playing any mission in IGI 2 game. The feature is – you can save the game anywhere in the middle of the mission

In IGI 1 there is no feature for saving the game in the middle of a mission. Overall Game missions of the IGI 1 PC game are very nice. According to me only, I like IGI 1 over IGI 2 because the graphics quality and controls and the overall looks of IGI 1 game is very good.

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