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How to cross/open closed bridge of GTA 3 for Exploring all island

If you come here to find the trick or method to cross or open the broken/closed bridge of GTA 3, then definitely you reached the right page.

In the previous old GTA 3 game, there was a trick to cross the bridge – Here is the trick, but in the latest version of GTA 3, which means in GTA 3 definitive edition, you can’t cross the bridge by using that trick that we were used in old GTA 3 game.

So, there is no trick to cross the bridge, even you can’t cross the bridge using activating flying car cheat, Our team has also tested that trick but that trick is also not working, but there is a method by using that method you can explore any island or you can cross any island or bridge without doing any mission. You can simply put the 100% savefile of GTA 3 in your GTA 3 Savegame location for opening any bridge.

Method to Open/cross closed brige of GTA 3

  • Download & Install WinRAR
  • Download 100% Savefile of GTA 3 from here – Click here
  • Now go there where you downloaded the file – SaveGames.rar
  • Now, right click on SaveGames.rar and click on – Extarct here.
  • Copy SaveGames folder and then go here – C:\Users\Yourusername\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA III Definitive Edition.
  • After coming inside this folder – GTA III Definitive Edition.
  • Paste the folder.
  • Now Run GTA 3 game, click on game, then click on load game ,then click on THE EXCHANGE and then click on Confirm.
  • Now, After doing this , you can see , everything is now open in the GTA 3 game,even all bridege is now open, just check it out.

This is the method, by which you can cross the closed bridge of GTA 3, any other method is not available right now, So simply stop searching anywhere about this topic, because there is no method for crossing the bridge except our this upper method.

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