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how to minimize GTA 5 on PC

If you don’t know how to minimize GTA 5 game on PC (Windows 10,11,etc), then try our below methods. Our method is really helpful if you don’t want to close GTA 5 again and again for any other work. You can simply run GTA 5 in the background. Once your other works are finished, you can reopen your game.

How to Minimize GTA 5 Game

Method 1

First Press & hold the Alt button on your keyboard then press the TAB button – again and again, to move the highlight box to another program, after that leave all buttons.

Method 2

Press the Alt + Enter button at the same time on the keyboard to switch GTA 5 game to Windowed mode, then Press Windows Button on the keyboard then use your mouse to click on minimize icon to minimize GTA 5 game.

Method 3

Press the Windows button on your keyboard to open the start menu, then use your mouse to open another program.

Method 4

Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete Button at the same time to open a new window, then click on Task Manager. After that, your computer’s main screen opens.

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