how to open parachute in GTA San Andreas PC Game

how to open parachute in GTA San Andreas PC Game

You only need to press Enter button on the keyboard or right-click on the mouse ( also known as the fire button) to open the parachute in the GTA San Andreas PC game.

After Skyfall from the Plane or helicopter, a player can’t survive without parachute, but the Player of this game can live even after Skyfall without a parachute, Just you have to fall in the sea. If you want to do Skyfall or if a plane or helicopter is damaged, urgently need to do Skyfall, so at that time you definitively need a parachute, but if there is no parachute on time, you will definitely die. So, In hazardous times, you can activate the cheat of the Parachute in the GTA San Andreas game, and you can save the player from death. You can also activate the cheat even in the sky also.

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How to Activate Cheat on PC

You need to open the game, type cheat code on the keyboard to activate.

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