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How to play GTA 5 in full screen on PC if not running with full screen

Two methods are given below that are simple and easy for playing GTA 5 in full screen on a PC if the game is not running in full screen. Using any method, you can easily change the screen size of GTA 5 on any Windows (like Windows 10, Windows 11, etc.).

Method 1

  • Click on – GTA 5 game screen/window.
  • Hit – Alt + Enter button simultaneously (at the same time) on your keyboard for full screen. ( Note: Press Alt + Enter to make -full screen. Again Press Alt+ Enter to come back to windowed mode)
how to play GTA 5 in full screen on PC

Method 2

  • If you have not configured the settings of GTA 5, then simply follow the below steps.
  • First, launch GTA 5 using high-performance Nvidia or AMD graphics. If you are unfamiliar with this step, simply skip it.
  • Simply launch GTA 5, and now go into GTA 5’s settings.
  • Go to the graphics section and change these settings –
    • Video resolution – up to the maximum as per your PC/laptop screen size.
    • Screen Type – Fullscreen.
  • Now save these settings just by pressing the Space button and then the Enter button.
  • Close GTA 5, and Restart the game, After launching the GTA 5 game, if not running with full screen, hit the alt + enter button to make it full-screen. ( Note: Again Press alt + Enter to come back to the windowed mode)
  • Enjoy!!!.

Additional settings for method 2 ( Do only if needed)

Even after changing the game settings, if the game is still not running at full screen, you may try these settings to adjust your PC’s display settings. Here’s how you can do that:

  1. Right-click on your desktop and select “Display settings.”
  2. Under the “Display” section, make sure your display is set to its recommended resolution.
  3. Scroll down and find the “Scale and Layout” section. Set the scaling to 100% for the best full-screen experience.
  4. Apply these changes and restart your PC.
  5. Start GTA 5 and check whether the problem is fixed or not.


Q. Why is GTA 5 not running in full screen on my PC?

It may be due to various reasons, Some reasons are –
1. You have not configured – GTA 5 game settings ( Resolution, Screen Type)
2. You have not Configured the Display settings of your PC up to the maximum/
3. etc.

Q. Which Method is best for me which is provided on this page?

First, Use Method 1, if not work for you, try Method 2. Almost the problem of every user gets solved using these 2 methods.

Q. What should I do, if none of these 2 methods worked for me?

Comment down below.

Q. Does playing GTA 5 in the full-screen mode affect performance?

Yes, performance may be improved.

Q. What should I do? if the game started in full screen, but running with lag.

Restart the game. If still running with lag, change the graphics setting of your game.
you can search on Google or YouTube like this – Best game settings for GTA 5 for smooth playing.
After watching the video, you can change the graphics setting of GTA 5 according to the video, thereafter, you can play GTA 5 with smoothness.
if still running with little lag, check the settings on Google or Youtube for low-end PCs.

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