how to play GTA 5 in full screen on PC

how to play GTA 5 in full screen on PC

Here is the way to Play GTA 5 to full screen on PC (Windows), Using any Method from below those 2 methods, you can easily Maximize/resize Screen/change screen size to full screen.

How to run GTA 5 in full screen mode

Method 1

  • If you already done setting of screen resolution – upto highest, but still, GTA 5 running in the windowed mode, then all you have to hit Alt + Enter button in the keyboard to make it full screen.
how to play GTA 5 in full screen on PC

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Method 2

  • if you haven’t configured settings of GTA 5 then simply follow the below steps.
  • First, launch GTA 5 using high-performance Nvidia or AMD graphics. If you are unfamiliar with this step, simply skip it.
  • Now go into GTA 5’s settings.
  • Go to the graphics section, Check resolution option, now simply set – video resolution – up to maximum as per your PC/laptop screen size. Do this one setting also – Set Screen Type – Fullscreen.
  • Now save that setting jut by pressing the Space button and then enter button.
  • Lauch the game, after launching the GTA 5 game, hit alt + enter buton to make it full-screen.
  • Enjoy!!!.

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