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How to save progress in GTA 5 ( Story Mode)

There are 2 Simple methods to Save the progress of the GTA 5 game, First by sleeping at a safe house, and second by using a cell phone.

The cell phone method is a very good method than a sleeping method because, in the cell phone method, you can save the game from anywhere, at any place, it is a very easy method.

Note: you can save your progress in GTA 5 Story mode only, not in online mode.

By Using Cell Phone ( Save anywhere)

  • Open Cell Phone in GTA 5, – Visit here if you don’t know how to open Phone in GTA 5
  • Go to Quick Save, then a new window will open, Just click on – Create new save or either on your existing savegame.
  • After that Do – yes / OK.
  • Done!
  • For Loading the saved game, Pause the game to open Main Menu, go to the Game option, then go to Load game.
  • Select that savegame that you saved recently.
  • Just load that save game.
  • Enjoy.

How to do in PC

By sleeping ( Manually save by going safehouse)

  • Go to a safe house in GTA 5 game.
  • go near the bed.
  • A message will appear in the left-up corner, there, you will find the button detail which you have to press for – Saving the game.
  • After, Simply click on – Create new savegame or Just click on your existing Savegame ( if you want to replace savegame with a new save)
  • Now, you can load savegame just by doing these steps —
    • Pause the game, Click on the Game option, then click on – Load, then click on your newly saved savegame and then click on – Yes.
    • After loading the save game, Enjoy.

How to do in PC

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