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How to skip All / Play any single mission in GTA 5 PC

Here you will find all about – how to Skip/finish/complete full missions of GTA 5 and how to Skip/Play any mission of GTA 5. A step-by Step guide is here in easy language.

Skip/complete/finish full Missions in 1 minute

  • Download a 100% Savegame File.
  • Go there where you downloaded it.
  • Right-click on it and click on Extract here.
  • Go inside – GTA 5 100% savegame – Gogifox.com folder.
  • Select both files – SGTA50003SGTA50003.bak and right click on it, and then click on Copy.
  • Now Open this video and follow the same steps as in the video.
  • Now Paste both files at these 3 locations –
    • C:\Users\yourusername\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\Profiles\ Random number
    • C:\ProgramData\Socialclub\RLD!\Random number
    • C:\Users\your Username\AppData\Roaming\Goldberg SocialClub Emu Saves\GTA V\Random number.
    • More Location Is here if you want.
  • Note: ( paste both files on these 3 locations to save time & if you do not want to fall into confusion. Don’t panic when you are not getting files and folders in some locations. You don’t need to paste there where you are not getting files and folders in some locations. Simply go to the next location & paste there.
  • Now, Start GTA 5.
  • Press the ESC button on the keyboard.
  • Now Click on – Game.
  • Click on Load Game.
  • Click on – unknowing the truth 100% and then Click on Yes to load the 100% Savegame.
  • Enjoy, All missions skipped successfully.
GTA 5 100% SaveGame - Full Mission Completed
GTA 5 Full Mission Completed

Skip any particular mission OR Play Any mission

  • First, you have to do all steps which I have been given for the Full mission skip ( Check in the Upper) section of this page).
  • Now after loading – unknowing the truth 100% Savegame.
  • Press Esc on Keyboard, then click on Game.
  • Then under Replay mission, there you will find a list of full missions of GTA 5, just Click on any mission then Click on yes and then start playing any mission as per your choice.
  • After loading any mission, if you want to play other missions, then first you have to load – unknowing the truth 100% Savegame, then
GTA 5 - All Mission List

Skip a Mission without using any file

If you want to Skip any mission in GTA 5 PC without using any type of file just in very less time, then Follow our below steps.

Kill yourself 3 times in the game, and in the 3rd time you will find a Skip button.

  • Open Any mission.
  • Using weapons, kill yourself. (Use Gun Cheat to get all weapons if you don’t have weaponsClick here if you don’t know how to Activate any cheat in GTA 5 PC)
  • Then, Click on retry OR Press Enter button and Start the mission again.
  • After the game mission restarted, again kill yourself.
  • Again, click on Retry OR Press Enter button to start the same mission again.
  • Now once the mission is again restarted, again Kill yourself.
  • Now after getting killed 3 times. Now you will get an option for Skip mission. you will get – Skip button just in the left side of the Retry button.
  • Click on the Skip button. Once you click on it, you will be shifted to the Next section of the mission.
  • After doing it several times you can skip a mission.

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