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how to unlock or Open Full map in GTA 5 PC Instantly

if the full map is not showing in GTA 5, then you reached on right place because Here is the method to unlock or open full map of the GTA 5 PC game Instantly, Step by step guide + Video is also given here.


Before - GTA 5 map unlock


After - GTA 5 map unlock

What I have to do to open/Unlock the full map

What happens when you put 100% savefile of GTA 5?

The full map starts showing, and everything starts showing in the map of GTA 5, All missions and side missions are gets completed, and You will have huge cash in your account. Not only this, but also you will get all weapons with full ammo. Overall everything gets completed and unlocked after putting 100% savefile of the GTA 5 game.

Unlock or Open full map of GTA 5 PC Just in a minute (instantly)

After doing this method, you can see the full map of GTA 5. This method is not a cheat method, It is 100% safe

Steps to Unlock/open full map of GTA 5

  • Download & Install WinRAR software.
  • Download 100% savefile of GTA 5 from here – GTA V 100 save game.
  • After downloading this file – GTA 5 100% savegame – Gogifox.com.
  • Right-click on this file – GTA 5 100% savegame – Gogifox.com and then click on Extract here.
  • Go inside this folder – GTA 5 100% savegame – Gogifox.com.
  • Now copy both files – ” SGTA50003SGTA50003.bak ”  and Go to this location – C:\Users\yourusername\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\Profiles. After coming to the profile folder- right-click on the mouse and click on – paste to paste both files.
  • Now watch this video – Click here and do same to same on your PC.
  • if you have pirated version of the GTA 5 game then paste both files here – C:\ProgramData\Socialclub\RLD!. Now after coming to the RLD folder, you will see there, that one or two folders are available with random names – like this – 271590. This folder name may vary from PC to PCSo simply go inside that folder & Paste both files.
  • Now replace the file if any file already exists. ( Note: Before copying the savefiles, you can keep your old files in a safer location.)
  • Now restart your GTA 5 PC game, then press the ESC button, then click on Game then click on the load game option and click on any savegame – 100% – Unknowing the Truth.
  • Enjoy, Now open the map and see – the full map is now visible and everything is now appearing on the map.

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