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IGI 1 Savegame PC – 100% – Completed All missions

From here, you can download IGI 1 Savegame PC – 100% Savegame (story complete savegame/Skip mission file/all missions savegame), and you can skip/complete/unlock all missions just in 1 minute.

What is IGI 1 PC savefile ?

IGI 1 save file is a file in which all your mission/game details are stored there. when you put 100 % savefile by simply downloading from here, and when you restart this IGI 1 game, and when you load the game, then you will see there, all missions got completed and unlocked. It’s like magic.

About IGI 1 PC Savegame

  • 100% Story completed – All missions Unlocked/completed.

Project I.G.I. (also known as Project I.G.I.: I’m Going In ) Released in North America) is a tactical first-person shooter video game. Innerloop Studios created it, and Eidos Interactive released it in December 2000.

The Pentagon sent former British SAS agent David Jones to Tallinn, Estonia, to track down and recover a kidnapped Estonian arms dealer Josef Priboi, who has important information about the recent theft of an American W-88 nuclear warhead from a storage station in Germany. Jones, with the help of his Pentagon handler Rebecca Anya, follows Josef’s Priboi trail through multiple military bases and eventually finds him.

Josef reveals that his uncle Jach stole a nuclear warhead and is trying to sell the warhead to an unknown party. Because of this Josef is kidnapped by the Russian mafia. Jones captures Jach for questioning, but two hostile fighter jets shoot down their chopper close to the Russian border. Jack is kidnapped by the Russian mafia but Jones escapes from the crashed site. Now, Jones has to cross the Russian border, Jones finds that a female called – Ekk, is with the Russian military and wants to destroy the world. Through the truck, Jones enters the Russian military base & disables radar, and escapes away by the helicopter.

Then, Jones is informed by Anya that Jach is being transported by rail to an unknown place. Jones hijacks Jach’s train, but the train is derailed by the same fighter jets that Ekk sent out earlier. Jones and Jach escape Ekk’s forces by another helicopter and give them to the military agency.

Now next mission of Jones – is to find the nuclear warhead and to destroy and kill the EKK., Then they find out the EKK making a nuclear weapon, but before the entry of David Jones, the EKK escapes from that place. Now, Anya and David Jones come to the nuclear plant, Anya comes to disable the nuclear bomb and Jones provides security, Jones finds out nuclear bomb but at the same time Akk, we’re trying to do nuclear explosion but Jones kills Ekk and Anya difues nuclear bomb.

IGI 1 Savegame PC – 100% Savegame – All mission unlocked/completed

IGI 1 Savegame PC – 100% Savegame -Unlocked All missions
IGI 1 All missions Completed/unlocked
IGI 1 Savegame PC – 100% Savegame -Unlocked All missions

Gameplay Screenshots After Putting Savefile

Playing Last Mission.

IGI 1 Game
IGI 1 Savegame PC - 100% Savegame - Gameplay image 1
IGI 1 Savegame PC - 100% Savegame - Gameplay image 3

How to Put IGI 1 Savegame 100% – (All mission completed/unlocked) in PC (Desktop or Laptop).

  • Download 100% IGI 1 savefile. Check below.
  • Now go to that place, where you downloaded a 100% save file of the IGI 1 Game.
  • Now copy this type of file- ” config.qvm ” and go into the IGI 1 Game folder and paste it there.
  • Now replace the file if any file already exists.
  • Now restart your IGI 1 PC game, then Play project IGI option, and after that, you will see – all missions completed/unlocked.
  • Now click on any Mission, and you can play.

Savegame File info

IGI 1 PC 100% Savegame File Nameconfig.qvm
IGI 1 PC 100% Savegame File Size2.43 KB
This Savegame works only inPC, IGI 1 Game
Location, where we need to put savegame fileIn the IGI 1 Main Game folder
What you will get in the Complete 100% Savegame.100% Story completed – All missions Unlocked/completed.

Get – IGI 1 PC 100% savefile from below

IGI 1 PC – 100% Savegame – All missions completed

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  1. Thankyou Soo much Brother. It worked. I just downloaded the file of config. and replaced and restarted the game. all missions are available now. Thanks once again


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