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IGI 2 Keyboard Controls – Full List

IGI 2 keyboard controls are given below. You can check full controls. In order to play the IGI 2 game on PC, first, you need to know the controls of this game; without checking, you can’t play. If the default keys are not working in your game, check here.

IGI 2 is better than IGI 1 in terms of controls because only one button is given for one control, but in IGI 2, max two buttons can be used for a single one.

Because of two buttons for a single control, we don’t need to change because the controls are already in a better way.

Let us understand with an example:

According to default control,

  • In IGI 2 game – if we have to go forward – we can use W or UP Arrow, In the same way, if we have to go left, we can press A or Left Arrow.
  • In IGI 1 Game – if we have to go forward – we have to press – Up arrow. but if we don’t like the Arrow button for forward we have to change UP Arrow to W.

Default Keyboard Controls

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How to see controls in my own game

After checking the default controls, if these are not working for your IGI 2 game, the last option is to check the full controls of your own IGI 2 game.

But your question is, how do I check it in my IGI 2 game?

Now my answer is: To check, go to configuration, then go to controls to see all controls by scrolling the mouse wheel. For proper understanding, watch the below video and see how we can check the controls of IGI 2.

After checking your own controls, you can take photos with your smartphone and remember them, and thereafter, you can use them in the IGI 2 game.

How to reset to Default control

Sometimes, users make changes to control settings that they later regret. Resetting to default is the way to undo these changes and return to the original condition (the new condition).

Once you reset to the default controls, you can use our default controls, which I have shared with you in the upper section.

To reset

  • Go to configuration, then click on reset to default settings.
  • Thereafter, click on OK.

How to change controls

  • Go to Configuration, then Controls.
  • Click on any control, then press the button that you want to set. (For example, for move forward, I click on W, and then I press the UP arrow in the keyboard.)
  • In the same way, we can set other buttons for the same control.
  • Once done, click on OK to save.

If you did not understand properly, then you can watch the video.

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