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IGI 2 Savegame PC – 100% Savegame(mission wise) – Completed All missions

From here, you can download Project IGI 2 100% Savegame PC – mission wise (story complete savegame/Skip mission file/all missions savegame OR Skip mission), and you can skip/complete/unlock all missions (levels) without playing any missions.

IGI 2 mission unlock code – Unlock all missions

You can unlock all missions by just pressing the keyboard button – CTRL(left)+SHIFT(left)+F9 after starting IGI 2 game and after coming in the main menu.

No need to download a 100% savegame file, well if this trick does not work for you, then you can download a 100% Savegame file of Project IGI 2 PC game.

What is IGI 2 PC savefile ?

IGI 2 savefile is a file in which all your mission/game details are stored. After putting 100 % save file, you can unlock all missions without playing one-by-one missions.

Project IGI 2 covert Strike PC Savegame – 100%

What you will get in 100% Savegame of IGI 2 PC game.

  • 100% Story completed – All missions Unlocked/completed.
IGI 2 Savegame PC – 100% Savegame(mission wise) - Unlocked All missions
IGI 2 PC Game -All missions unlocked - 100% Savegame (Mission Wise)
100% All missions completed

About IGI 2

Project IGI 2 is a 2003 single-player, multilayer shooter video game developed by Innerloop Studios and released by Codemasters. It is the second game in the IGI game series. The story of this game also starts after project IGI 1.

It is one of the best old shooting games, The game has 19 missions. The story is presented through cutscenes, shown before and after every mission. David Jones is the main protagonist of this game, which means, the player of this game. The player was sent to the Carpathian Mountains. Tasked with retrieving stolen EMP chips from a Russian mafia group. in the First mission, the player jumps from the airplane to reach the base of the weather station where the stolen chip is kept and finally, he retrieves the chip. The researchers at IGI believe after detailed investigation that the chip that Jones received was actually an upgraded version of the chip. Then his mission director (Phillip White having chips replaced an injured Rebecca Anya) instructs him to go to acquire the remaining EMP chips.

Jones is transported to a Russian storage facility, to destroy the chip-carrying convoy, then after destroying the all security guards, picks up all chips. Thereafter, Jones was sent to a Russian weapons production facility to get the remaining EMP chips and their blueprints, samples, and prototypes. The mission of the player is to either destroy all those things or come back with all those things.

Finally, they acquire all the chips, blueprints, and all other items, when they come back with a helicopter, in the flight of the helicopter, Quest and White cheat with Jones and US military and both of them take all materials ( chips and blueprint) and forced the player to jump from the helicopter. thankfully David Jones lived even after jumping from that height. After coming from senseless, he felt very helpless, but at the same time, Anya called him, She said that you are currently at the Ukrainian border, and Jones returned back using a stolen helicopter to the headquarter. Senator Pat told him, that both Quest and Phillip White worked longer in this IGI, and they were agents of any organization which were stealing our information. Now Jones informed that both of them will take help from Jach Priboi (who delivers warhead in igi 1), so your mission is to find Jach Priboi, but right now he is in jail in Libya, so the player is sent to retrieve Jach Priboi from the jail.

After coming closer to Jach Priboi, suddenly, Major Zaleb arrests Jach Priboi and Jones, While sent to jail, Jones asks Priboi, who both of them are, Jach Priboi said, they were also a customer of mine, he also said that he also bought a plane which not delivered yet which currently at Egypt airbase, their papers is still in their villa. Anyhow, both of them escape from that place by truck. but in the middle of the road, their truck gets damaged, Jones reaches Jach Priboi’s villa & takes all the papers, and comes back to Jach Priboi where the truck is damaged. Jach Priboi said that some papers are missing. After that, David and Priboi take a plane and catch Major Zaleb Said, they retrieve all the missing papers from them. After these all things, Priboi said that right now the plane is in Safaga in Egypt, and Quest will come to take the plane. Jones comes to the plane, and there they find Quest, After a fight between Jones and Quest, Jones kills Quest. Anya informed Jones, that Philips White currently staying at the Spratly Islands, When Jones came to that island, he first disabled radar, and Jones informed that Philips White is tuned with China’s powerful man -Wu Xing. jones is informed by Anya, that both White & Wu Xing are in a temple, and Philip is upset with Wu Xing because White thinks that their friend has been killed by Wu Xing because their work is completed because Chips are now acquired by Wu Xing.

At that same time, Wu Xing kills Philip. then once again Anya informed Jones, that Wu Xing wanted to stop all the satellites of the world by using our chips to start World War 3. In the end, Wu Xing gets killed by Jones, but once more thing that Jones needs to do is, to divert the target of the rocket by manually launching the rocket, after that, Anya comes to the location where Jones did the work, and then both of them come back to the headquarter and finally story ended here.

Gameplay Screenshots After Putting Savefiles

IGI 2 PC 100% Savegame - Gameplay image 1- after putting 100%savefile
IGI 2 PC 100% Savegame - Gameplay image 2- after putting 100%savefile
IGI 2 PC 100% Savegame - Gameplay image 4- after putting 100%savefile

How to Put IGI 2 Savegame 100% – (All mission completed/unlocked – mission wise) in PC (Desktop or Laptop).

  • Download & Install –  WinRar software. you can find on google.
  • Download 100% savegame file of IGI 2 PC Game from this page.
  • Now go there, where you downloaded 100% savefile of IGI 2 PC Game.
  • Right click on – 100% Savegame IGI 2 – Mission wise -Gogifox.com.rar and click on extract here.
  • Go inside the folder – 100% Savegame IGI 2 – Mission wise -Gogifox.com.
  • Copy all files.
  • Now Go here – (savegame location of IGI 2) – inside the Game folder – IGI 2\pc\savegames.
  • After coming inside the savegames folder paste all files.
  • Note: Before copying the save files, you can keep your old files to the safer location.
  • Now replace files ,if already any exists.
  • Done! Start Game ,select any mission.
  • Enjoy.

Savegame File info

IGI 2 PC 100% Savegame File Name100% Savegame IGI 2 - Mission wise -Gogifox.com.rar 
IGI 2 PC 100% Savegame File Size2.77 MB
This Savegame works only inPC, IGI 2 Game
Location, where we need to put savegame fileIn the IGI 2 Game folder - IGI 2\pc\savegames
What you will get in the Complete 100% Savegame.100% Story completed – All missions Unlocked/completed.

Get – IGI 2 PC 100% savegame -Mission wise (unlocked all missions) from below

IGI 2 PC – 100% Savegame – All missions completed

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