In GTA 5 PC, How to use Phone – Full Controls

In GTA 5 PC, How to use Phone - Full Controls

All controls for the operating phone in GTA 5 PC are given here, With the help of the Video and Step by step guide, you can use the phone very easily inside GTA 5 Story mode/offline mode or in GTA 5 online.

Controls of Phone in GTA 5 PC

Features of Phone & How to Use Phone

Below a Video is provided for GTA 5 Story mode/Offline mode /GTA 5 online. inside the video, we provided you with all information regarding the features of the phone and controls for operating the Phone.

How to use Phone in GTA 5 Story Mode/Offline mode/Online Mode

In this video, I have made a video in GTA 5 story mode, but in the same way, you can use the phone in GTA 5 online.

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