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Project IGI 2 All Missions Open Cheat Code

Here is the way to unlock all missions of the IGI 2 PC game just in 1 minute without playing only by pressing 3 keyboard buttons. Overall it is a cheat code of IGI 2 to unlock all levels.

IGI 2 is a shooting game, and its missions are also good but a little bit difficult, IGI 2’s missions are undoubtedly more difficult than IGI 1. Therefore, the best way to Play all missions easily is – just by unlocking all missions. Follow the below steps to open all missions just by Pressing the 3 keyboard buttons at the same time.

Steps to Unlock/Open all missions of IGI 2 PC game.

  • Open IGI 2 covert Strike PC game
  • Go to the Main menu.
  • Press the CTRL(left)+SHIFT(left)+F9 keyboard button at the same time to unlock/open all missions of IGI 2 PC game.

However, in general, to open all missions or anything in the game, we have to find out the 100% savefile of any game. But the first time, I saw, that we could open all missions of the game, only by pressing 3 buttons at the same time.

Assume you’re playing a video game in which you have to finish various missions one by one. But what if you could skip any mission and play any mission at any time? This is possible only when you have any type of trick or cheat code that helps to do this work. Check out this special trick for Project IGI 2 that allows you to complete your all missions in 1 minute only. I already guided you in the upper section of this game. Once you unlock all missions, then you can play any mission according to your interest.

Project IGI 2 is an interesting game in which you play as a secret agent on dangerous missions. You have to sneak when required, kill enemies, and escape silently in order to complete difficult missions. Normally, you have to complete missions in order, one after the other. however, Some players want to have even more fun by trying out different missions without waiting. This is now possible in IGI 2 using a keyboard button only.

A cheat code is similar to a secret password that you enter into the game to unlock unique features. Cheat code functions similarly to a magic key in IGI 2. When you use it, you can select any mission from the game’s list and begin playing immediately. You are not required to complete any previous mission to go to the next mission, you can start from any mission at any time anywhere.

The cheat code can be useful even if you’re fresh to the game. Instead of going through the mission in sequence, you may jump into the mission that you like most. This is useful if you’re particularly a lover of certain missions and want to practice them repeatedly. It’s similar to the condition where we are able to select chapters from a book rather than reading from beginning to end in a sequence.

However, overuse of tricks in games might decrease the real satisfaction that you will receive after completing the missions without the use of any tricks or cheat codes. So, use it only if you are trying to pass the missions again and again and want to pass the mission in order to go to the next mission but you are getting killed by the enemies again and again.

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