how to get unlimited health in igi 1

Get unlimited health in igi 1 without using trainer

If you want to get unlimited health in IGI 1 game without using any type of trainer, then it is very easy, only you need to paste a file into the game folder. The steps for putting that file in the game folder are given below.

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Steps for getting unlimited health in IGI 1 – (God Mode Activate)

  • Download this file – humanplayer.qvm
  • Go there, where you downloaded this file then Copy this file – humanplayer.qvm
  • Now go inside the IGI game folder, then Go inside this folder – humanplayer, then paste the file.
  • Replace the file which already exists.
  • Done, Start IGI 1 game.
  • Play IGI game without the tension of health.

About the Author: gogifox


  1. Not working. The game has stopped loading
    Fatal error: HumanPlayer_LoadParameters: Couldn’t load script “LOCAL:humanplayer/humanplayer.qsc”

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